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Project is Stopped at the moment

About Vega

Background Story
I have always wondered that there are so many weapon mods but no one has created a replacement. It has also always bothered
me that the special weapons nothing particularly goods. So I called Vega
into life

This Mod is now Aviable in other languages. Translate with Google
Pls Report any bugs
And make me meaningful suggestions

This Mod dont edit any Energy Weapon, Meele Weapons, Fist Weapons or Explosive Weapons.

And Sry my english is bad so i use Google to translate

Vega Features:
Full Overhaul of all Weapons
Replace the Vanilla Weapons with Weapons from Nexus.
Edit the Balance of all Weapons
Give the Unquie Weapons a special Bonus
Add New Weapons
Integrated New Weapons to the Level List and Vendor List
Add new Attachaments to the Vendor List
Full working Repair List
The New Weapons work with the Perks
Add new Unquie Weapons
Every Plugin Work Full Standalone

Future Plans:
Add New Weapons Perks
Add a Test Area
Add a Recipe addon to create new weapons and attachaments
Make a comatible patch with wmx and wme


Gun Runners Arsenal:

Lonesome Road:

Replace the Shoulder MG with the G3SG1.
Adde 4 New Weapons to the Level List of Enemey
Steyr Scout
Saiga 12
Add Attachments to Vendor List
Add 3 New Unique Weapons
Eagle Eye
Supported Language

Old World Blues:
Not Supported

Dead Money:

Honest Hearts:

Replace A Light Shining in Darkness with the Welrod
Replace 45 Pistol with Colt M1911
Replace the 45 SMG with
Suomi KP/-31
Replace Survalist Rifle with AK-74
Add 3 New Weapons
Mares Leg
Mosin Nagant
Add to Vendor and Enemy List
Add Attachments to Vendor List
Add 1 Unique Weapon
Forgotten World
Supported Language

Pre Order DLC

Replace the Caravan Shotung with the TOZ-34
Replace the 10mm Pistol with the Colt N99
Supported Language

So far nothing else

Requirements and Installation Instructions

Step 1

Download the following Mods (do not install with mod manager):


Old World Blues

Gun Runners Arsenal

Dead Money

Lonesome Road Overhaul

Honest Hearts

Pre Order

Step 2
Create a 'work folder' and call it Data.

Step 3
In each download's file, there will be a Textures folder and a Meshes folder, which you will be copying.
With most file-archiving software (7zip, WinRAR, etc.), you needn't extract
the files to access the Textures folders and Meshes folders, but you can
if that's easier.

Step 4
Paste each Textures folder and Meshes folder into the work folder we made in Step 2, the one we called Data.

Step 5

Download this mod (Vega).
(do not install with mod manager)

Step 6
Put Vega's .esp files in your work folder (the one you called Data).
Remember, you can extract if you wish, or just open the compressed file with your
file-archiving software (7zip, WinRAR, etc.) and copy the .esp files
from there.

Step 7
Compress your work folder with your file-archiving software (7zip, WinRAR, etc.).

Step 8
Use your favourite mod manager and install the compressed file from step 7 into your game.

Unique Weapon Effect and Location

Effect: High Base Damage
Location: Lonesome Road

Eagle Eye
Effect: Dont need skill and high base damaga
Location Lonesome Road

Effect: Use Caliber 50
Location: Lonesome Road

Survalist Rifle
Effect: Can use caliber 22 - caliber 12,7
Location: Honest Hearts

A Light Shining in Darkness
Effect: Use Caliber 50
Location: Honest Hearts

Forgotten World
Effect: Big Magazine
Location: Honest Hearts

Thanks for permission
11meister for the MP-40 (intergrated in Lonesome Road and called Battlefield)

Permission for this Mod
You can Edit the Mod create Patches or Upload the Mod on other Sites.
You do not need to mention me. But it would be nice