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Adds a few minor alterations to the main story, allowing you some more freedoms during the game in an immersive, seamless, lore-friendly way.

Permissions and credits

This mod aims to add a few alterations to the main quest as well as a few things on the side, in order to make the experience more enjoyable, and allow you to have more freedom while still doing the questline you want, and still not being too easy to get the best ending. Some "Bad" choices won't necessarily screw up your chances at getting a better ending or experience, it'll just make it a slight bit more taxing. At the moment, there are only a few features. If you have any ideas for a new feature/alteration, leave a comment on this file or send me a PM and I may consider adding it to the mod in a future update.


BoS - Mr. House Alliance

This allows you to spare the Brotherhood Of Steel during "The House Always Wins V", with a speech check of 80, and if you are at least "Accepted" with the Brotherhood Of Steel. Fully voiced and lore-friendly.

BoS - Caesar's Legion "Alliance"

This restores some cut content with Caesar during the part of the quest "Render Unto Caesar", where with a speech check of 55 the player can convince Caesar to spare the Brotherhood. He agrees to "spare" the Brotherhood for the remainder of the game, but during the ending slide you learn that the Legion end up taking HELIOS One from the Brotherhood (who took it back from the NCR), leaving them with a very dark future ahead. Fully voiced and lore-friendly.

Females in Legion Arena

Does what it says on the tin, really. Women can now do all of the same fights men can do in the Legion arena, no speech skill required, no strings attached, works the exact same as it does for males.

ED-E My Love Gives Faction Fame

You gain a small amount of reputation for either the Brotherhood Of Steel or the Followers Of The Apocalypse depending on who you choose to give ED-E's data during ED-E my love.

King's Gambit Speech Check

Adds a new high speech check during King's Gambit, allowing you to convince The King to stop attacks on NCR citizens if you have already used up the favour you earned for completing G.I. Blues, allowing you to get through the quest with minimal stress and without having to kill off Pacer if you decided to use up your favour on something else. Fully voiced.

Elder Hardin And NCR Alliance

Allows you to convince Elder Hardin to ally with the NCR during For The Republic Part 2, getting the allied NCR-BoS ending if you decided to oust Elder McNamara as Elder during Still In The Dark, works the exact same as it would with Elder McNamara. Fully voiced.

Arcade After For Auld Lang Syne

Allows the player to keep Arcade Gannon as their companion after completing For Auld Lang Syne, regardless of whether you chose for Arcade to stay with the Followers or join the Remnants. Simply talk to him after completing the quest, and you will be able to re-hire him.

Primm Reputation

Restores the cut Primm reputation into the game. Primm reputation can be gained through the Primm quest My Kind Of Town, as well as depending on how you choose to deal with the NCR Deserters in the Vikki and Vance casino.

Save Cass

Allows you to complete Birds Of A Feather without having to kill Cass. If you have at least 65 Speech, you can convince Jean Baptiste-Cutting that she is already dead, and the quest will proceed as normal.

Enslave Arcade Fix

Makes you able to sell Arcade Gannon as Caesar's Personal Physician during Et Tumor, Brute. If you have already met Arcade, upon receiving the quest you will instantly be given the optional objective to hand over Arcade, and can talk to Lucius to complete the quest. If you have not yet met Arcade, when you first hire him you will instantly be given the objective to give him to Caesar if you have started the quest. Previously, you could only hand him over to Lucius if you had previously told Caesar you would get him for him. This is no longer the case.

Oscar Velasco-Boone fix

During the quest Climb Ev'ry Mountain, Oscar Velasco will no longer turn hostile to the player if Boone is in your party, which can potentially cause the Great Khans to turn hostile if you convince him to return to Red Rock Canyon.

Vault 34 Alternate Reactor Solution

Adds a third solution to the Vault 34 dilemma during Hard Luck Blues, saving both the NCR crops and the Vault 34 survivors, if you have a science skill of 95 or more, by completing and activating Emergency Failsafe Protocol 74F, an unfinished emergency failsafe protocol for the vault.

Followers-NCR Alliance Fix

In the base game, due to a simple error, you could only recruit the Followers Of The Apocalypse for the NCR early in the NCR questline, when it was meant to be late in the NCR Questline. This fixes that, so towards the end of the NCR Questline, you can talk to Julie Farkas and convince her and the followers to support the NCR.

Return To Sender Chief Hanlon Fix

Re-integreates the cut option to tell Chief Hanlon that Caesar is sick during Return To Sender, causing Chief Hanlon to back down, and makes it so that this ending, or telling him Caesar is dead, displays the correct ending slide, rather than the incorrect slide as it did in the base game.

Retake NCRCF

Allows you to do the "Retake NCRCF" portion of the quest I Fought The Law by talking to Lieutenant Hayes in Primm after completing Ghost Town Gunfight. Previously, retaking NCRCF was only possible when betraying the Powder Gangers after completing Run Goodsprings Run.

OPTIONAL FILE- No Ultimatums

Optional file that removes the "Don't Tread On The Bear" and "Beware The Wrath Of Caesar" quests from the game, making it so that you can go as far down as many faction questlines as you want without reaching a point of no return. Note that this file is completely separate to the main file, the optional file ONLY features the No Ultimatums feature, and none of the others. The No Ultimatums file also doesn't require the main file.


If you have any otherfeature suggestions, let me know by leaving a comment or sending me a PM.


If you like the sound of one or more of these features, but don't want to download the mod for whatever reason, here are some alternatives, bare in mind some of these mods are likely slightly different to mine, also not all features have an alternative mod as far as I am aware.

-Bos-House Alliance- BrotherhoodHouseAlliance
-Bos-Legion "Alliance"- Legion Brotherhood Alliance
-Females in Legion Arena- Fort Arena Female PC
-Arcade After For Auld Lang Syne- Arcade Rehired - Recruit After Quest
-Primm Reputation - Primm Reputation Restored
-Save Cass- Save Cass
-Enslave Arcade Fix- Enslaving Arcade fix
-Oscar Velasco-Boone fix- Oscar not hostile
-Vault 34 Alternate Reactor Solution- Vault 34 better reactor
-Followers-NCR Alliance Fix- Followers-NCR Alliance Fix
-Return To Sender Chief Hanlon Fix- Chief Hanlon Fix
-Retake NCRCF - I Fought the Law - NCR Start
-OPTIONAL FILE- No Ultimatums- No Main Story Line Ultimatums


Version 1.5- Bug fixes, adds Chief Hanlon fix and I Fought The Law NCR Start
Version 1.4- Adds Followers-NCR Alliance Fix, fixes for Vault 34 Alternate Solution
Version 1.3- Adds Vault 34 Alternate Reaction Solution and Oscar Velasco-Boone Fix, fixes bugs with Enslave Arcade fix, you can now turn Arcade in to Caesar as well as Lucius.
Version 1.2- Bug fixes for Save Cass, NCR-Hardin Alliance and Arcade After For Auld Lang Syne
Version 1.1- No Ultimatums Optional File- Optional File including the OPTIONAL FILE- No Ultimatums feature
Version 1.1- Adds Arcade After For Auld Lang Syne, Save Cass, Enslave Arcade Fix and Primm reputation features, fixes ED-E my love reputation
Version 1.0- Initial Release


The "House-BoS Alliance" feature is imported from the mod "BrotherhoodHouseAlliance" by NickMcHazard with full permission from the author, full credit goes to him for that section of the mod. All other features were created by me.

If you use BrotherhoodHouseAlliance, it is recommended you uninstall it before installing this mod, as this mod incorporates that one. No known compatibility issues.

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