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Adds a small variety of Chinese weaponry to the game world.

Permissions and credits

Papa bless my boi
Quicksilver500 for fixing the perk effects on these guns. Go download his mods because they're great.

Big thanks to Big Boy Aarius for the sweet video.

Also holy fuck AlChestBreach showed my mod, go watch his video ya hussies!

Simply adds a few custom Chinese styled weapons into the game world, featuring:

Chinese SMG:
The little brother to the Assault Rifle. It fires 10mm bullets and has a slower rate of fire than the standard 10mm SMG, but higher individual shot damage. 

Chinese Assault Rifle (Brought back from Fallout 3):
The classic. Spread wide around the whole country. A nice companion to any wastrel looking to make a name for themselves.

Chinese Sniper Rifle (With silencer mod)
For the stealthier approach, not very quiet without the silencer on it but it's sure to pop damn near any head you aim it at.

Chinese Shotgun (With Drum Mag mod)
For when absolutely every motherfucker in the room needs to die. Preferably in a loud, gooey, sticky, red mess.

Chinese Machine Pistol:
The alternative to the SMG, rather than individual shot damage, this focuses on sheer rate of fire, and shoots 9mm bullets. If you're looking to kill things in a single shot, this is not for you. Although if you're looking for a pocket sized slaughterhouse that spits lead like nobody's business, this is the gun for you.

All the weapons have a degree of custom to them, with the Assault Rifle being the closest to stock. It has a new texture but the model remains the same.

Every file contained in here was sourced originally from the base New Vegas game files, and modified or remade by me, no requirements are needed.

This mod contains custom meshes, textures, and even sounds. Have to thank my dude Venomous for the base sniper rifle sound that I tweaked a bit to make it work better.

All the weapons are integrated into the leveled lists and you should find them on fiends of various levels, as well as merchants of various tiers. This mod is designed to be as standalone and compatible as humanly possible so you wont need anything extra to make this work, just install it as you would a normal mod. The leveled list integration is done through scripts so don't worry about it messing things up.

This is my first "real" mod, everything else I've ever done has been a retexture so this is a learning experience for me, how to script things like leveled list integration, how to produce consistent sound, and how to edit models in 3dsmax. So with all that taken into account, there may be issues, or it may run perfectly, I won't know until you, the fine people using this mod let me know if something is broken or horribly unbalanced.

If something is broken, do let me know and I'll try my best to fix it.

If you just want the weapons and don't care about balance or any of that, the IDs are:

SMG: xx000800
Shotgun: xx000803
Sniper: xx000801
AR: xx000805

Sniper Rifle Silencer: xx000DC5
Shotgun Drum Mag: xx000DC6

Also, please for the love of god don't do the whole political thing here, this mod is not a political statement it's just an expansion on a piece of the game universe I found lacking.