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A remodeling of Fee's Portable tent into a more Native American-ish / Tribal / Khan theme.

Permissions and credits
NOTICE: When updating from 1.0 to 1.1 be sure to remove everything from your food pots, especially the meat pot BEFORE you update.

A remodeling of Fee's Portable tent into a more Native American-ish / Tribal / Khan theme.

You can buy/steal the tent from Chet in Goodsprings or buy from Cliff Brisco in Novac. 
The tent is valued at 1500caps. Once you buy from one vendor, it will no longer be available for purchase from the other 
vendor. Note: It will be called "Backpack (Tent)".

-NVSE v1.0 beta 5 or higher, found at http://nvse.silverlock.org/
The tent will operate without NVSE, however many features will be disabled without it. Features requiring NVSE are noted 
-Honest Hearts (DLC)

Change Log / Bug Fixes

--- Added simple compatibility patch for the Fallout - New California mod which I simply added a Tent Backpack to the Black Bear Lodge's cellar. 

V1.11 - Apparently I forgot to save after I finished the enable/disabled option so it reverted to a incomplete state, that's now fixed, should be able to enable/disable the Water Barrel and Generator now.
 - Changed the Beverage Barrel to a pot, apparently the barrel is movable and wouldn't stay where in it's spot.
Note: The water barrel is movable but should be fine.

V1.1 - Adjusted some storage containers and added one for books.
     - Removed the Armors & Weapons that you start with (the placements anyway, the unique weapons & armor is still in the mod just not placed anymore). Containers are empty now.
     - Water Bucket changed to a water barrel.
     - Generator, Water Barrel, & Repair function in Multibench can be enable/disabled, and are disabled by default.

V1.0 - Initial Release

Very Detailed Details
The Tent weighs 25wg (defaulted to 25 so it can be carried into Honest Hearts without costing too much weight needed for 
other things) and has a base value of 1500 caps.
Starts off as the backpack which increases carryweight by the tent's weight, negitating the tent's weight and in fact giving 
you a bonus 25 weight. The weight and deployment option (Backpack or Crate) can be changed in Tent Options.

-Tribal / Great Khan Theme / Native American-ish Theme
-Toggle Lights (Except Campfire)
-Tent Options (Middle Lamp, Sneak to access)
-Multiple labeled containers to help keep your gear organized
-Multi-Bench (Workbench + Ammo Press that also allows you to repair, repair is disabled by default, enable in options)
-Bedroll with Well Rested Buff
-Fusion Generator (Recharges Empty Energy, Microfusion, and EC Pack cells) (Disabled by Default, enable in options).
-Map Marker
-Water Barrel (Pure, Drinkable) (Disabled by default, enable in options). 

In order to set up the tent, you must be outdoors, out of combat and not swimming. 
Failure to meet any of these conditions will result in a fail message. First find a flat area and drop the tent on the ground 
from your inventory. Then activate the tent WHILE CROUCHED (sneaking). The tent will then appear in front of you. Enter the 
tent by activating the door WHILE STANDING (not sneaking). NOTE: You cannot enter the tent while in combat.

In order to disassemble your tent, simply activate the door WHILE CROUCHED (sneaking). The tent will disappear and be placed 
back in your inventory. If you are using the backpack, you can have it auto-equip upon takedown. This is configurable via the 

The main 8 companions in the game will follow you in and out of the tent, and stay there if you tell them to. If you want 
mod-added or temporary companions to follow you into the tent, you must first give them a buddy pass (requires NVSE). Obtain 
buddy passes from the terminal under Tent Options. You can also block companions from following you into the tent via the 
terminal under Tent Options. 
A Note on Temporary Companions: Some companions don’t have the option to share items such as NCR rangers. To give them a 
buddy pass, first open up the console with the tilde key (~), then select the companion with the mouse and type 
"OpenTeamMateContainer 1" without the quotes. Then give them a buddy pass.
-Tent Options
*Block/Allow companions from following you into the tent.
*Adjust Tent Setup/Takedown time. Instant, 30min, 1hr, 2hr, 3hr or 4hr.
*Container Filtering. (Requires NVSE) Enable/Disable container filtering on certain containers.
*Enable/Disable Auto-Lights. When active, the lanterns will turn on and off automatically depending on the time of day.
*Enable/Disable Automated Ammo Breakdown. 
*Enable/Disable Quest Item Placement in Safe.(Requires NVSE) If enabled, you can place any quest item into the safe, 
including mod-added items.
*Obtain Buddy Pass. (Requires NVSE) Give to your companions to allow them into the tent.
*Enable/Disable Repair function in Multibench. (Disabled by Default)
*Enable/Disable Generator (rechages empty power cells).(Disabled by Default)
*Enable/Disable Water Barrel.(Disabled by Default)
-Backpack Options.
*Switch to backpack/non-backpack versions. Changes the crate to a backpack and vice-versa.
*Change Tent Weight (requires NVSE). Weightless, 50wg, 100wg, 150wg, 200wg 250wg or 300wg
*Change Carrying Capacity Bonus: 0wg, +25wg, + 50, +100, +150wg, +200wg
*Turn on/off Backpack Auto-equip. If turned on, the backpack will automatically equip when you take down the tent.
-Save Options. Here you can make the game automatically save when you enter and/or exit the tent. You can choose between 
autosave or create a new save

As time progresses, the lighting in the tent will mimic lighting outdoors. As night approaches and the tent becomes darker, 
you can choose to have your lanterns turn on automatically and then off in the morning at the terminal under Tent Options. 
The lanterns can also be manually turned on and off. This however, will cause them to ignore the auto-lights option on an 
individual basis. 

If you somehow manage to loose the tent inventory item after buying one, you can fix the problem by buying an "I Lost My 
Tent" item from Chet in Goodsprings or from Cliff Brisco in Novac. The item will be found in your Aid section; use the item 
to get your tent back. In most cases, it will just pitch your tent in the last place it was setup. 

Using NMM or FOMM is recommended.

Manuel Install
1. Extract the files to (install folder) Fallout New Vegas\Data
2. Start Fallout New Vegas Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside Portable Tent.esp
3. Enjoy

Manuel Uninstall
1a. Remove any items that you want to save from the tent and it's containers.
1b. If you are using the backpack, make sure it is not equipped.
2. Save the game while outside of the tent.
3. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod:
Data\Portable Tribal Tent.esp 
Data\Portable Tent.bsa
Data\PTT_Readme.txt (if you put it in)

Suggested Mods
Water Mod by Mr_J1982 (You'll be able to fill empty bottles with pure water from the Water in the tent)
A Pack Brahmin Companion by Elyon

Sunny Smiles Companion by gurk_meja: Cheyenne will not follow you in or out of the tent if she is set to follow at a long 
distance. This is because she is not actually following you, she is accompanying you.

Known Issues or Bugs
- Minor possible glitch, apparently if your using willow (or possibly any other additional companion) along side Cloud in Honest Hearts at some point towards the end, when entering cloud apparently likes to arrive in the exact same spot as you.
I currently do not plan on looking into this for multiple reasons (one of which I'm currently not playing or modding New Vegas). If anyone else would like to address the issue and upload a patch, knock yourself out.

Fee510 - Original creator.
Meshes & Textures:
LordInquisitor: All of the reloading clutter and the ammo press - (Not Used in this Mod, but probably in the BSA)
Tumbajamba: The backpack mesh and texture resources. 
FritZ_FretZ: Bobblehead stand - (Not Used in this Mod, but probably in the BSA)
Gary62: A few extra things (log that is under two of the lamps uses a mesh). dunno if he actually created but have at least 
one item that depends.
((Old Credits from Fee's Original readme))
The Community
BlindMalice & Sivlord: Helping me beta test
Mr_J1982: Creating a German translation for this mod
ReluktanSkeptik: Pointing out that "parting ways" with companions leaves them in the tent. *No long works with the new FNV 
Cosmina and Rookie: Creating original Automated Ammo Breakdown, which my scripts are based on.
Ripperjack: Suggesting the water-still idea
Vortaka: Suggesting the backpack auto-equip idea
PeryRH: Suggesting the trash incinerator
Therax: Suggesting the Collectible Canteen Showcase
Therax & Ghussak: Suggesting an alternative to the campfire.
Grunok: Suggesting the cash register.
ClayTanner: Catching a bug in v2.0 that required NVSE to takedown tent
Sivlord: Suggesting single container sorting & More Complex Needs Patch
Paradiseluz: Suggesting Craft Overhaul Patch
Ghussak: Suggesting dynamic lighting, On/off lanterns & container crafting 
Programmers & Webhosts
NVSE Team: Expanding the possibilities of Oblivion, FO3 & FONV.
Bethesda & Obsidian: Creators of Fallout 3 & Fallout New Vegas.
Nexus.com: The one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Cipscis: Creator of the Script Validator
LHammonds: Creator of the Readme Generator that this file was based on.

Tools Used
Script Validator

Licensing/Legal - (From the Original Portable Tent mod, just relaying)
Do not upload to other sites, other than that, do whatever you want, just give credit where credit is due. And of course, I 
am not responsible for any negative outcomes that may come from this mod; I’ll take credit for the good stuff though.