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Hardcore Pete? A companion? Yes please.

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Easy Pete, the lifeblood and personality of the great town of Goodsprings. A man with history, a loving smile, and a hat that could make even the hardest man bow. But what if Easy Pete wasn't so Easy? What if our old chum, our old friend, was truly as godly as he seems?
Introducing, HARDCORE PETE.

Level 100*, Tesla power armor, laser rifle. Hardcore Pete is the loving protector of Goodsprings, a soldier, a Spartan. A god. He can easily disintegrate his foes with his trusty weapon and killer smile. The Savior of the 'Springs. The Chevalier of Cool. The King.

Just don't get on his bad side.

*-only applies to the NPC Version, in the companion version his level depends on the player's level

-1 small quest (you must finish Ghost Town Gunfight first)
-Fully voice acted!
-Companion wheel
-You can customize Pete
-OP Easy Pete as your companion bro 
-You can shoot whippersnappers with Easy Pete on your side
-easy pete

I might make a lore friendly version.