Fallout New Vegas
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This is a small mod that lets the player fire and rehire willow whenever they want

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If you're like me and you've used the
Willow companion mod and wanted to fire Willow more than once or just make her not be on your followers list on JIP CC&C then this mod is for you. This mod makes it so Willow is fireable and rehireable by adding new dialogue options to rehire her and fire her. You will still have to do her fetch quest the first time you fire her but after that you never have to do it again.

Willow - A Better Companion Experience

How to use

1.Fire willow using the new option "it's time for us to part ways"
2.Choose a location to send her to
  • Mojave Outpost (there by default)
  • Lucky 38 (unlocked by visiting the lucky 38 like every other companion)
  • The Home set by the willow mod (unlocked when willow gives you unlock the option to set her home)
3. When rehiring you will still have to do her little fetch quest but this is only going to happen the first time you fire her

Mods used in screenshots
DarnifiedUI 0.4 by DarN
Willow - A Better Companion Experience by llamaRCA

llamaRCA for the original Willow companion mod and allowing me to use some voice files