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This mod does as it says, adds selectable burst fire and Single Fire to Millenia, Drew and Naky's M16A2 mod, if anyone wants it. Forgive the typo in the title, Nexus won't let me use punctuation properly.

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Select Fire M16A2

So this came about as a spare section of script I wrote for my XM4 RAW mod. If anyone wishes to use the script for their own weapons they are free to do so, just credit me on your mod page. It can be found in the Readme section of the mod page so you don't have to go digging through the G.E.C.K. if you just want to take a look at it. It's commented pretty well so you shouldn't have too many problems figuring it out, but if you do feel free to message me and ask about it. This is pretty much intended as a kind of modder's resource so that peeps can use it on their own weapons, or add it to ones that don't have it, it's fully functional for the M16A2 though.


This mod simply adds a script to Millenia's Colt M16A2 that allows the switching between single fire and three round burst, just like it's real life counterpart. This is done by pressing the 'V' key, and is accompanied by a satisfying *click* and a message to confirm that you have changed firing type. It also boosts the damage in single fire mode to 25,while reducing it to 20 in burst mode. For anyone unable to use the 'V' key you're going to have to open up the script and change the two instances where the script calls for it, they're labeled and commented and it's really not that hard, the only difficult thing you have to do is open up the G.E.C.K. with NVSE, directions for which you can find here. I don't know how to add MCM support but I may figure it out in the future. If anyone can help me in this regard I'd appreciate it.


This mod requires Millenia's Colt M16A2, NVSE and the JIP LN NVSE Plugin.


Any issues, bugs, abuse, etc. can be submitted into the comments section, cheers! :D