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  1. MichaelDKolesnik
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    This is a great fix as my Steam version of the game was completely broke with only the Legendary Deathclaw giving me credit.
    There is still a bug though, the Recharger Pistol kills do not count, but the .22 pistol ones do.
    It took me about 2 hours to go from a completely unmodded game to one with only one mod.
    I had to install Nexus Mod Manager, LOOT, FNVEdit, and then run and configure all of them and clean up the files, etc.

    But it was worth it.
    Thanks a ton.
    1. Sir_Toejam
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      it does not say that recharger PISTOLS work for the challenge though, only the recharger rifle.

      exact list of weps:

      22 pistols, switchblades, boxing tape (egads!), recharger RIFLES, dynamite

  2. Sir_Toejam
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    1. Ran across 2 "deathclaws" (not listed as adult or young) near a cave. Tried killing them with silenced 22. did not trigger counter on challenge.
    2. downloaded this mod, installed in with FOMM.
    3. reload same game, get deathclaws to 1% health, and finish with silenced 22.
    4. counter on challenge shows 2.

    mod is full of win.

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    This mod is included with the "Unofficial Patch Plus" mod, which is used in addition to YUP.
  4. omarag
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    Thank you for this.

    Curious why YUP hasn't aconowledged this; as you say, it is known and appears to satisfy all criteria of being a bug.
  5. mrjentipede
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    thank you