Interior Fog Remover by Random Unit
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Added: 22/08/2017 - 10:20PM
Updated: 03/09/2017 - 06:57PM

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Uploaded by RandomUnit


Last updated at 18:57, 3 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 22:20, 22 Aug 2017

This mod removes foggy veil from everywhere indoors, thus making picture look more saturated, contrasted, bloomy and realistic.

Besides the mod itself, there is a fix for those players who use Interior Lighting Overhaul, which is strongly recommended for even better immersion and experience.
This mod doesn't remove mist or dust particles hanging in the air, it only removes fog, so it is maximum lore-friendly.

Improtant note for ILO users. After you install IFR and ILO FIX, check and correct, if needed, your load order. It should look somewhat like this:
*All Interior Lighting Overhaul esp's*

Note for Clarity users:
After you download NV_IFR and NVIFR_CLARITYFIX make sure that NV_IFR_CLARITYFIX.esp goes last in your load order.

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