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Allows you to recruit Dean Domino as a permanent companion after completing Dead Money

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This mod re-introduces Dean Domino into the game as a permanent follower in a immersive and seamless way. Dean Domino was one of my favourite companions across all of the game and it's DLCs and it really bugged me that I couldn't explore the Mojave with him after completing Dead Money. Assuming Dean survived the events of the Dead Money DLC, he can be found outside the gates of the strip around the bench where Old Ben normally hangs out, and can be recruited as a follower after a short exchange of dialogue, and will return here if fired. He can also be sent to the Lucky 38 Presidential Suite if the player has unlocked it. Dean has all of the features of a vanilla companion, as well as a lot of Dean's other dialogue from Dead Money, and is also fully voiced. This mod will work whether installed before, during or after completing Dead Money, and will work perfectly, and is fully compatible with any mods that change Dean's appearance. Dean is wearing his classic Tuxedo and Sunglasses and is armed with his trusty 9mm pistol; Having Dean as your companion grants you the Dirty Living perk, granting you a 25% resistance to all radiation. If you have found one of Dean's secret stashes but did not get the chance to obtain the Sierra Madre Martini perk, this mod allows you to obtain it by talking to Dean about the stashes after hiring him.
There is an Optional File allowing you to move Dean to the Tops Aces Theatre rather than outside The Strip's North Gate. NOTE: The optional file will only work if installed if you have not yet completed Dead Money, or have not yet installed the mod.

Permissions- Use this however you want, I don't really care as long as you ask for permission first.