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JTesmer (ANiceOakTree's) Hairstyles for FO4 converted to FNV by me.

Permissions and credits
Updated! NiAlphaProperty was removed to fix transparencies, new version of Aza, and Aza and Zella Classic have new Textures. Nothing to write home about, but you might want to grab it anyway.

These are simply ANiceOakTree's Hairstyles for Fallout 4 converted to Fallout: New Vegas by me. My preview pictures are abysmal, so if you want to add your own, please do!

There are multiple versions for some hairs, such as the Zella and Neffamyn hairs, reffered to as "No Clip" hairs. The normal versions clip into the back while running, but look better standing. The No Clip versions are out from the back a little so they don't clip. There is also a slightly thinner version of the Zella Ponytail for thinner heads.

This is my first mod that I have uploaded, so let me know if I messed up somewhere.

-I have written instructions on how to add these hairs to your chosen cosmetic mod. You can also add these to Fallout 3 in the same manner using FO3's GECK. They are included in the Readme. If you have used ZZJay's Hair Mods, you know how to do this already.I have also included a basic .esp for you to plug-and-play or for easier merging with other mods.

Issues Remaining with latest update:
1: Aza's clipping strand was fixed by JTesmer, but for some reason there's a weird issue in the same area now. It's not too noticeable unless you are zooming in on your character's head.
2: I like the way the hairs look without the NiAlphaProperty, but you may be used to smoother hair edges. If you preferred the way they were before the update, just don't replace the .nif files. :)

3: As with most/all custom Fallout 3/NV hairs, these will make you bald when wearing a hat. Switch to a vanilla hair when you want to wear a spiffy fedora. I've tried making them hat compatible, but for some reason it's either bald or full hair, there's no in-between. 
4: Although I have created .egm files for these, they do not seem to be working very well. If your character's head is very wide or thin, the hair may look odd.
5: These don't come with the cute little ponytail ties yet. I plan on trying to make those accessories (like a bandana) in the future, rather than part of the hair, so you don't have to open the racemenu every time. I've never done that before, though, so don't get an advent calendar or anything. I don't know if my lazy ass will ever get to it

-These hairstyles were made by JTesmer. All credit for the meshes and textures belongs to her. Also, any permissions you seek will need to be directed towards her. Permission was graciously given to upload these conversions. She's great.
-Shout out to ZZJay for teaching me how to convert hairs for Fallout and Skyrim a few years ago. I still use the Blender file she sent me for resizing the hair. She's great too.

Mods in Screenshots
-I am using Enhanced Shaders ENB in the normal preset.
-Sabriel's head and edited (WIP) preset are from the Mannequin Race.
-Latest screenshots are of a character made with the same mod above
-Sabriel's textures are an old custom blend. There might be more mixed in there, but I know for certain that I mainly used A Girl With a Dragon Tattoo for the scars and Mojave Delight for Type 3 as the base.
-Pretty sure eyes are Hi-Res Eyes Replacer.