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Adds Waking Cloud from Honest Hearts as a permenant companion

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This mod adds Waking Cloud from the DLC Honest Hearts as a permanent companion. This mod is an improved and refined version of Waking Cloud from the mod "Reunited And It Feels So Good" (http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/42087/?)

Assuming the Sorrows and Dead Horses stayed in Zion, Waking Cloud can be found at the Sorrows camp and asked to join your party. If you chose for the tribals to evacuate Zion, Waking Cloud can be found at the Bitter Springs Refugee camp When fired, Waking Cloud can either return to the Sorrows Camp or be asked to go to the Lucky 38. Waking Cloud is fully voiced using her lines from the DLC and uses the same gear and dialogue she did in the DLC. This mod can be installed before or after completing Honest Hearts.

Having Waking Cloud in your party still grants you the Quiet As The Clouds perk, increasing your sneaking ability and giving you +1 Perception

VERSION 1.2- Adds generic dialogue to Waking Cloud, changes her Quiet As The Waters perk to Quiet As The Clouds, giving you extra sneak skill and +1 perception (note this does not change Quiet As The Waters from the main game, during HH Waking Cloud will still give you Quiet As The Waters), added dialogue for the first time you speak with Waking Cloud after completing Honest Hearts.

VERSION 1.1- Bug fixes.

Credit- Credit to Quetzlsacatanango for creating Reunited And It Feels So Good, the base I used for this companion.

Permissions- Use this however you want, I don't really care as long as you credit me.

Russian Translation by teamfalcon