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Replaces several locations in Mojave to get back that classic Fallout feel, using Sandcrete assets by TrickyVein

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One of the great things about the Fallout universe was that civilization was always moving forward. The first settlement you stumble upon after leaving Vault 13 was Shady Sands - a small village made from mudbrick buildings. It immediately showed that world of the old was gone - people had moved forward, forgetting all about it.

So imagine my great disappointment when after Bethesda's takeover none of that was ever shown. So this mod aims to bring at least a little bit of the classic Fallout charm by changing several interior & exterior cells of original locations in New Vegas to represent the passing of 200 years.

Locations changed:
- Mojave Outpost
- Crimson Caravan Company
- NCR Embassy
- Followers' Outpost
- New Vegas Medical Clinic
- Great Khan Longhouse
- Nelson

Resources used for this mod:
Sandcrete Architecture by TrickyVein
Dry Canyon by TrickyVein
KORs Mounted Head Resource by Kevin568

How to install:
Just extract the contents (.esp & .bsa) into your New Vegas folder. To remove the mod either uncheck the .esp or delete both files.

None, the mod is standalone.

Known issues:
- This mod WILL conflict with anything that changes any of the locations mentioned (things like interior relighting mods or things that add stuff to interiors). I don't know how Open Strip mods will react to the Embassy replacement, but if they only delete the gates and leave the rest of the cells alone, it should be fine.
- LODs don't work - rendering them would destroy my already barely working laptop, so, um, sorry. But in most cases you can't notice it (only Crimson Caravan concrete wall and Medical Clinic will be obvious) The rest of the buildings are obstructed by landscape so you won't notice the difference that much. Assets adapted from Dead Money also don't have LOD files, so there's that.
- There is currently an issue with Crimson Caravan gate interior - only named NPCs will be present. It can be easily fixed by entering both guards and caravaneers barracks. NPCs will then exit those cells and act normal for the rest of the game.


Russian translation by Nixon94