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Adds a new combat armour variant to the Mojave, with a desert colour scheme and matching helmet.

Permissions and credits

The Desert Combat Armour mod adds a new combat armour variant to the Mojave, with a desert colour scheme and matching combat helmet. Both the new armour and helmet have identical stats to standard combat armour, and are only changed visually.

The new armour can be found in the same places as leather armour, reinforced after the player reaches level 12, and the new helmet will be found being used by mercenaries and prospectors from the beginning of the game. The armour and helmet are also sold by the Arms Merchant at the 188 Trading Post. The armour and helmet are added to these leveled lists via scripting for compatibility, and as a result the mod requires NVSE and the JIP LN NVSE Plugin.

There is a sleeved version available to download, which will replace the armour with a sleeved version, designed to be used alongside my Sleeved Combat Armour mod. To use the sleeved version you must install the standard version first, then install the sleeved version and overwrite the .esp.

If you plan to use this mod alongside my Distributed Combat Armour mod, make sure you have v1.3 or higher of this mod, then check the description of that mod for details on where to find the armour, as they will be different.

Changes in v1.1

Minor script changes.

Changes in v1.2

Changed where the armour and helmet spawn.

Changes in v1.3

Added compatibility for my Distributed Combat Armour mod.

This mod requires NVSE and the JIP LN NVSE Plugin.

The latest version of the mod contains no bugs or conflicts.

To install the mod copy the CombatArmourDesert.esp and CombatArmourDesert.bsa into your data folder. To uninstall just remove the same two files. Or you can use your preferred mod manager to install this mod as you would any other.

Me, for the armour models and .esp.
9Loki, for the Desert Combat Armour texture.
Bethesda and Obsidian, for creating Fallout New Vegas.

Any assets in my mods that are made by me can be considered modders resources, so long as I am credited in some way. Any other assets will require you to check the permissions of the respective mods.

This mod is provided as is, and I'm not responsible for any problems using the mod may cause.