Jack sells Turbo recipe by oscarvdhooft
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Added: 17/07/2017 - 07:28PM
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Jack in the Red Rock Drug Lab sells the Turbo recipe for 400 caps, you still need level 50 science to craft it.

Maybe you don't like going through the quest, either because you're lazy or it doesn't fit your character. Maybe you've already killed Motor-Runner and failed the quest. Maybe you accidentally took the caps instead of the recipe. This mod is a nice fail-safe in such cases.

This mods adds a second vendor container for Jack which contains the turbo recipe. Jack has also been modified so he sells misc. items aswell, this is so that he can sell the recipe. This has no secondary effects besides making him sell 9mm cases. The recipe works as a misc. item which adds the recipe through a script, the misc. item deletes itself. This is just like the schematics in Fallout 3 and credit goes to Mktavish on the Nexus forums for helping me out with making this mod. He informed me that vendors can not sell notes and he wrote the script to get it working. 

Compatibility issues
This mod adds a hidden vendor container in the red rock drug lab and modifies Jack so he can sell items in the misc. category. So this might or might not clash with other mods that affect Jack and/or the red rock drug lab.