The City Of The Dead by Toxicfallout122222
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Added: 16/07/2017 - 09:27PM
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City Of The Dead
This Mod adds a small city accessible only by Prewar Train tunnels. Navigate your way through the Now Raider and Mutant Infested city. It Includes multiple Buildings such as a Prewar Military Bunker.

World spaces/Cells/Concept- ToxicFallout122222
Models/Game-Obsidian and Bethesda
Feel free to use any of the World spaces/Interiors but be sure to Credit me in the Description and leave a link to this page.

V1.0- Original upload
V.1.1- Added Map Marker, Underground Research Facility, Military Area (included in Screenshots)
V1.2-Finalized Navmeshing and Finished some cells, Also added some Lore as to why the Outcasts are there, And fixed the Outcasts Not attacking you.