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Scribe McGee's recovery team was sent on a routine mission to retrieve some valuable data from an old U.S. Army storage facility. Unfortunately, things didn't exactly go according to plan...

You, the Courier, are tasked with piloting a remotely-operated search-and-rescue protectron into the bowels of the burning facility, in the hopes of recovering the data that the Brotherhood originally sought, that is before the entire facility goes up in flames, or is reduced to a massive, smoldering crater. Just another day on the job.

This mod adds a short (around 15 minutes at most) quest, 2 new weapons, and a whole lotta robots. The quest is started by talking to the Brotherhood initiate outside the chemical storage facility, roughly Southwest of the 188 Trading Post.

Also, for the best experience, I'd STRONGLY suggest telling your companions to wait in the facility entrance before continuing with the quest.

Known bugs/issues:

If you use an ENB, the fade in/out effects won't work.

Companions can still technically follow you into the lower levels of the facility if you don't tell them to wait.


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