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Adds more detailed physics to many movable objects in the game.

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                             UNNECESSARY PHYSICS


Adds more detailed physics to many movable objects in the game such as baby carriages, tricycles, grills, having wheels that rotate, tires that are deformable, etc...
The mod is 100% compatible with the texture replacement mods, but not with the mesh replacement mods that edit the same objects.
There are no esps, only meshes. This WILL put more strain on your CPU because of more detailed physics, but places where such objects are abundant are rare so you should be ok.

Warning: This mod will probably add to the save game bloat due to more dynamic physics objects requiring their position being saved.

Some video examples:

Full list of objects that are edited:

- Baby carriages, tricycles, grills, roller skates have wheels that rotate.
- Some cars (blue, yellow, light blue and that one that looks funny) have doors, trunks and hoods that can be opnened and closed.
- Shopping carts have detailed collision mesh and wheel hinges that can rotate.
- Movable tires (4 of them) are soft and deform on impacts.
- Brooms have skinned and movable cloth part.
- Flat mops are no longer skinned since it's not needed.
- Skulls (bloody and the regular ones) have hinged jaw.
- Waterpipes (an activators) have a valve that can be rotated.
- Certain stools that are not marked as a furniture can be moved.
- Workbenches have 2 of its handles movable.


Use you favorite mod manager to install it.


Same as installation, but in reverse.


- Blender
- Nifskope


- MadAce