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Adds an abandoned US Army outpost near the Devil's Gullet, usable as a player home.

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-- EDIT 7/14/17 --

This mod has been featured in a video review! Huge thanks to commanderxbox for taking the time!

-- EDIT 7/13/17 --

Hot files! Holy Ewok! :O
Thank you to everyone who downloaded, endorsed and/or voted!

-- What does this mod do? --

This mod adds an abandoned US Army outpost near the Devil's Gullet.
It contains a good chunk of loot intended to give starting players a boost, guarded by a Mister Gutsy that can be repaired and reprogrammed to guard the outpost in the player's name. The barracks building features a workbench, reloading bench and hot plate, plenty of safe storage, and four standard bunk beds. A water valve, a campfire, one stalk of broc flowers, one xander root and two prickly pear plants can be found outside.

-- Requirements --

Old World Blues
Lonesome Road 

-- Installation --

1. Unzip the archive with your extraction tool of choice
2. Place the .esp file in your Fallout New Vegas/Data folder and activate it in the launcher or your mod manager of choice

-- Future plans --

Currently the mod is offered as-is. I am open to suggestions for improvements and add-ons, and will respond to bug reports as soon as possible.

-- Videos --