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Enhances the AI's responsiveness when shooting them from afar.

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Have you ever felt annoyed by the fact that NPCs do not react to being shot at? Or that you pop the head of some NPC and their allies don't care at all? Much less searching the place to find you. This mod is for you then. 

This modification ensures that sneak killing is tougher than before and you have to invest a lot in the Sneak skill in order to snipe the enemies from afar. Basically, sniping is not the meta anymore.

By the way, this mod was heavily inspired by the "Moronic AI possible fix" video by Xilandro. I was amazed at how the AI responded to being shot at. Unfortunately, he never released his mod therefore I decided to make my own AI adjustments from scratch.

Video Comparison Between Vanilla AI and this Mod's AI
(Skip the video at 1:44 if you only want to see the mod in action)

New AI Details
Flee/Take Cover Phase
Shooting an NPC while not being seen will alert them and the other friends nearby that see them. Each one of them will enter the "Flee/Take cover" phase where they will try to take cover and alert the others while on their way. A chain reaction will happen as they will alert each other and eventually the whole base might realise that they are under attack. The time that the NPCs will be in the "Flee/Take Cover" phase depends on your Sneak skill, with higher sneak skill your enemies will stay in the panicked phase for a longer time until they recover.

Find the Player Phase
Once they pull themselves together, they enter the "Find the Player" phase where will try to find you using the location where they've last seen you from or the location where you've fired the weapon from. Now it is the best time to run away and change your position otherwise you might end up dead by getting swarmed by enemies. Using a Stealth Boy is highly recommended if you want to remain as sneaky as possible.

With the Sneak skill of 1, they will remain in the "Find the Player" phase for 10 minutes while with a Sneak skill of 100, for approximately 3 minutes.

Search/Investigate Phase
When the enemies have reached the last place you've been spotted from or the last place where you fired your gun, they will investigate the location until you either alert them again by attacking or you just leave them be and they will eventually return to their normal business.

Other Notes
Enemies that are enganged in finding you have increased perception.
Only Humans, Supermutants and Robots are affected by this mod.
Robots and Supermutants never enter the Flee/Take Cover Phase.

Recommended Mods

Should be compatible with any mod that doesn't modify the AI behavior through scripts. Mods that modify Game Settings regarding the AI's functionalities are okay.

Totally not compatible with PMT - Responsive Kill Reactions as it tries to do the same thing as this mod.

Not compatible with Project Nevada Rebalance Module's AI Detection. Make sure you disable that through MCM.

JIP for the NVSE Extensions.