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A complete overhaul of all the metal boxes, crates, ammo boxes, and footlockers to change their appearance.

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I never liked the "metal boxes" scattered all over the Mojave.... they seemed out of place to me. I mean, who has metal boxes lying around their house?  So I re-skinned them to look like a variety of cardboard boxes and shipping crates.

 "NV-MetalBoxes" started out as a port of my FO3 mod but it quickly took on a life of its own.I also made 40 ammo boxes both military and civilian to change it up a little while scavenging the desert. Most are replacers, but I sprinkled a few new ones here and there. Nothing overpowering.

While working in the G.E.C.K. I noticed the footlockers for the first time, boring and washed out. So I decided to change those too. I made 14 different ones that look like civilian trunks, one army footlocker, and repurposed ammo crates. I made the army footlocker look like an Operation Anchorage (of FO3 canon) Veteran's. I figured that according to Fallout lore the Chinese-American (Sino-American) War started in 2066 and ended in 2077 when we destroyed each other, so there must be a few Veterans in Nevada.

As a tribute to my Nephew and a signature for myself I made a special footlocker, Uncle Mike's (that's me) Anchorage War Footlocker. In it I put my version of Anchorage Combat Armor (made with resources from Jacko0's "Military Equipment") and other related stuff.  I stuck it in a barn loft like a veteran might do. Just fun for me.

I kept on going and changed a lot of the NV tall crates and made a few extra ones. 4 Food crates, 4 water crates, 4 dynamite crates, Nuka Cola crate...... all replaced and others added appropriately. And a new beer crate and bottle, because how could the NCR operate without beer!

I also made some static crates of these and placed them where I felt they should go like McCarran Supply Depot.... for eye candy. I didn't want too many usable supplies around but NCR compounds shouldn't only have 2 salsbury steaks and a milk crate. I quit stocking areas for now,,,, you guys let me know if I should continue.

Try it out...I really think it turned out well.

Thanks to Jacko0 for his Military Equipment mod that I used a couple of pieces from!

There was an issue with a couple of missing mesh paths.....I fixed them so if you downloaded on this date or before get the new esp to fix it. Let me know if there are more. I fixed the whole file for new downloads.