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A TTW conversion and expansion for the TARDIS mod for Fallout 3 by Murfy27

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A TTW conversion and expansion for the TARDIS mod for Fallout 3 by Murfy27

This mod is provided as is for the moment. If you have any issues then post a comment and I'll try and provide an update.

In the text file for the original mod, Murfy27 says that anyone can reuse the mod and its assets within Fallout but if he asks me to take it down I will.
I've only seen the "new-who" episodes (episodes after the 2005 reboot with the 9th Doctor) so forgive me if the story contradicts with any lore.

Short Description:
Adds the TARDIS from the popular BBC show Doctor Who, a time machine disguised as a British police telephone box. You can find the TARDIS outside of Megaton but you'll have to complete the quest to get the key. The TARDIS can currently travel to over a dozen places in both wastelands with a press of a button. This mod is provided as an alternative for people who want some Doctor Who in their game but don't want a large mod like Fallout Who Vegas. This mod introduces elements in the same style as the "Wild Wasteland" trait or the TARDIS easter egg in Fallout 1.

(This was written before "The Doctor Falls" episode aired so this story might not make sense anymore but I'll leave it here for anyone who wants to read it)

The Doctor:

At the end of the episode "The End of Time: Part 2" The Doctor is faced with a difficult decision to either shoot The Master or shoot Rassilon, now in Doctor Who cannon The Doctor destroys the machine bringing Gallifrey back, seemingly stopping the prophecy claimed he'd die and stopped Earth from being destroyed but then finds out that his death is inevitable when he has to sacrifice himself for Wilfred.

Now in my version, The Doctor decides to shoot The Master, resulting in Gallifrey being sent back to The Time War. As Rassilon applauds his choice, The Master kills Rassilon and in the fight gets sent back to Gallifrey. Wilfred is still trapped but The Doctor decides to leave him to his fate and as a result 
becomes crueller and doesn't care about humans or their future, allowing for various malevolent forces to change history to fit Fallout lore.

The Doctor reverts back to his mindset of the Time Lord Victorious but the TARDIS decides to show The Doctor the future he created. Depressed and ashamed, he set shuts down the TARDIS outside Megaton, leaves a note in a footlocker and goes to the Anchorage Memorial to commit suicide with the pistol his betrayed friend gave him.

The Master:
After being shot by The Doctor, The Master fights his way through The Time War until he can find a TARDIS of his own. He locks onto The Doctor's location to exact revenge but breaking out of the time lock forces him to crash land in Scrapyard. With his last ounce of strength, The Master sets up a system to transfer his conscious into another body before he bleeds out. His current situation is unknown.