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Makes all the weapons in an NPC's inventory and their armor very degraded when they die. No leveled lists are modified in this mod, all of this is done via powerful scripts.

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Ever found it very unbalancing or unrealistic when you looted armors from NPCs you killed and they were in relatively good condition? You would then either wear the said armors or sell them making a good amount of caps. 

Same thing with guns from NPC's inventories. Brush guns, trail carbines, 10mm SMGs, energy weapons, etc. Those weapons have a high value and you can easily swim in caps by selling them, which is pretty unbalanced in my opinion.

With this modification, the armor equipped by a killed NPC has a 90% chance to further be degraded by 85-95% of it's current condition. Moreover, each weapon from an NPC's inventory has a 70% chance to further be degraded by 50-95% of it's current condition. The degradation percent range is random.

No leveled lists are modified, everything is done via powerful scripts.

This mod heavily encourages buying your armor and weapons from vendors or searching for them in containers throughout the Wasteland instead of having 90% of your equipment from looting killed NPCs.



Unpack the archive and place the .esp in the root folder of Fallout New Vegas (Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas).


As said in the description tab, this mod doesn't change anything and everything is done via scripts. It should be compatible with any mod.