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Dumpling Scorpions are here. New creature with lore built around it, recipes, items, structures, and whole lot of dumpling.

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-Dumpling Scorpions-

About: Dumpling Scorpions are a non aggressive (friendly) social species of scorpion that inhabit fertile regions of the Mojave. They have adapted to survive off of a mostly vegetarian  diet and have shown some form of intelligence with their ability to move and "fertilize" seeds so more nutritious plants will grow around their nests. Their nests can contain a variety of materials, but typically are made up of live and dead organic materials. This means every Dumpling Scorpion nest you come across will have it's own unique look. and have a variety of plants to pick. Any "trash" they find near their nests are all put into a refuse pile where travelers and prospectors often find valuables. Dumpling Scorpions will almost always be close to their nests close to their egg clutches and rely on a community effort for survival.

New Recipes and items: With Dumpling Scorpions come new items and recipes. Dumpling scorpions can drop Dumpling scorpion chunks, eggs, juices, and stingers (the first three can be found in egg clutches for you dumpling lovers) that can be made into the following three recipes Wasteland Dumpling Soup, Dumpling Brew, and the Dumpling Wumpling Omelet.

Dumpling Gold?: Dumpling scorpions are a valuable commodity in the Mojave and a valuable commodity means their parts are full of value and they often move valuable items to their refuse piles. This means Dumpling Hunting can be a very lucrative job that pays and feeds a wastelander well. 

Summary: The Dumpling Scorpion Mod comes with a new creature with lore built around it, 4 new items, 3 new recipes, and new structures. A lot of this mod's items come with custom textures for the new items. and the Dumpling Scorpions. Nests are added to reasonable places and and should be found numerous times in a full play through. Searching for Dumpling Scorpions can be lucrative for a player as they're parts are valuable and refuse piles can sometimes contain valuable items (Refuse piles are typically hidden and you can see what they look like in the image section so you know what too look for) and keep in mind that the refuse piles, egg nurseries, and Dumpling Scorpions are all set to respawn and they all have custom leveled lists. Thank you for playing the mod, hit me up in the comment section if you encounter any bugs or have a suggestion, happy dumpling hunting.

Q: Do I have to kill Dumpling Scorpions for the death items?
A: No, you can loot their egg clutches for chunks, juices, and eggs, the only item you can't get out of clutches are stingers.

Credits: SimplyOhSo
             Sebastjin for sharing the idea of putting loot in loot in the refuse piles, a special dumpling thank you to you
            Another special dumpling thank you to all who helped me get this mod to working condition: TheAwesomeTrex, KKSensory, and GimmeBackMyMoney

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