About this mod

Download THE SEQUEL: Awesome Crippling Effects 2! Watch as they go ragdoll or tumble spectacularly! ==> https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/77748

Permissions and credits

- Crippling 1 leg will make an NPC collapse. They will trip occasionally until their leg is repaired.

- Crippling 2 legs will make an NPC collapse again. They will constantly be tripping until one or both legs are repaired.

- Crippling 1 arm will make an NPC sluggish and less effective at everything until their arm is repaired.

- Crippling 2 arms will severely reduce an NPC's confidence and weapons handling skills. They will be inept until one or both arms are repaired.

- Crippling an NPC's torso will drop them to the ground for 8 seconds.

- Crippling an NPC's head will drop them to the ground for 20 seconds.


Awesome Crippling Effects is an excellent supplementary mod to use with other combat mods! If you have a mod that increases damage output or just makes fighting in general more realistic, this mod will enhance your playing experience even further.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you use MadAce's "Ragdolls" mod in conjunction with Awesome Crippling Effects. The animations will look much better because I crafted the collapsing animations to look best with the Ragdolls mod enabled. I take pride in my work on the torso-crippling animation: Notice how the victim sometimes jolts their body before stumbling to the ground - or sometimes the victim will play the first few frames of their staggering animation before going limp and collapsing spectacularly!

Awesome Crippling Effects extends to creatures and robots, too!

FYI, this mod will make your playing experience much, much easier. If you want to keep things balanced, I recommend you install some mods that increase the difficulty. I intend on making a mod called "Brutal Crippling Effects" in the future... it will be like this mod, except the effects happen to the player.

- If an NPC has a crippled limb in a save file, they will fall down (and get back up) when you load the game for the first time with this mod installed.

- I disabled the "Knocked Up" challenge (the one that gives you XP for knocking down enemies). It would be too easily exploitable because enemies will fall over constantly with this mod.

- You won't be able to play New Vegas without this mod once you've gotten used to it. ;) Seriously.