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Recruit anyone! (Download Hire And Recruit 2 for the ability to train your troops!)

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Watch this video for the whole scoop on Hire And Recruit.


- Requires NVSE -

You'll be given an item under your "Weapons" tab called "Recruiting Contract". Equip it and then talk to a minor NPC, robot, animal, or creature. When you do this, a recruitment option will appear.

For characters that you can have a conversation with, simply talk to them. The option to recruit them will likely show up in one of their dialogue branches. Sometimes you have to search for it. In that case, just pretend that the person you are talking to won't be your follower until they've gotten to know you as a friend first!

Being revered by a faction will allow you to recruit its members. If you are respected, you can hire a faction member with caps. If you have gained a massive amount of fame in a faction, you can enlist its members completely free.

What this mod does that no other recruitment mod has done is employ a Recall Mode, where your lost, straggling, or waiting teammates will come directly to you! In all recruitment mods, some NPC's may just wander off and go back to their previous life. Enabling Recall Mode makes them reassess their priorities!

This mod is also unique in the fact that you can open the companion command menu even when you are very, very far away from your recruit. Just aim at them and talk!

> To heal your robot or creature buddies, you must select "Talk To" from the recruit menu. In dialogue, you'll be given the option to patch up your non-human friends. <


- Some NPC's LOVE going back to their previous routine, if they have one. To remedy this, go into Recall Mode, and they should come back to  you. If they don't, their previous routine is very frequent and very important to them. There is no way to fix this, so use discretion when recruiting random NPC's. Other recruitment mods have this issue too.

- For some reason "Talk To" doesn't work on your non-humanoid teammates in Recall Mode.

- When selecting "Talk To" on animals, creatures, and robots, for some reason they won't initiate a conversation with you until they get close to you. Humans and supermutants, on the other hand, can be talked to at nearly any distance.

- If you have the "Recruiting Contract" equipped while activating a door, you will get a duplicated door sound effect. Not the biggest deal in the world, but slightly immersion-breaking.

Credits to VOLEK on nexusmods. I snooped your "Hiring and Firing Followers" script to figure out how to make this mod. Thanks!