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Arsenal Of The Apocalypse... Nuff said

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The next update will REQUIRE ALL DLC
(update 4)

Arsenal Of The Apocalypse is my second weapon pack. It will hopefully grow to be as big as my Project Weaponry mod only this time the weapons will be a more complete product (meaning they will me fully modifiable) and there will be some familiar faces (returning weapons). 

In the images is a preview of some of the fully modified weapons (don't wana give it all away), a new one will be uploaded with every update.

Any suggestions,feedback,etc are not only welcome but encouraged .


1st release

9mm bolt action
High end 9mm SMG
High end 10mm SMG
Couriers rechambered SMG
Holly sword
Improvised laser rifle
The till
Victors spare

2nd release

.22 pistol
12.7mm auto pistol
Assault carbine MK2
Bison steve
Double barrel shotgun
Laser marksman rifle
Laser sniper
Type-93 chinese assaultrifle
Type-94 chinese assault rifle
Service carbine
Deathclaw replant (only found in test container, bit of a cheat weapon in honor of  AlChestBreach trying the mod, Vid link ( https://youtu.be/GOcve1G_NT0 ))

3rd release

9mm machine pistol
10mm machine pistol
10mm revolver
10mm lever action rifle
22lr training rifle
Combat shotgun
Combat SMG
Compact combat shotgun
Heavy pistol
Laser scattergun
Old reliable
Sawed off caravan shotgun
Trench shotgun

A list of weapons/mods and there locations can be found in the file, All the weapons and mods can also be found in a test chest behind the gs gas station

Thanks to
MrBJBlazkowicz For the awesome concepts

Tools used