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Adds a dual rifle holster set (similar to Geralt's back scabbards from the Witcher games), one for your currently equipped rifle and the other which has a static rifle so it makes it look like you always have a rifle on your back even when you pull out a sidearm.

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A very simple mod that adds dual rifle holster sets your character can wear on their back. There are different kind of dual rifle holsters, and each holster consist of two seperate holsters where one of the holsters contains a static rifle so it makes it look like you always have a rifle on your back even when you pull out a sidearm. I never liked how when you pulled out your sidearm the weapon on your back would disappear. I'm not much of a scripter so a mod like the H.E.R.K or making the last used rifle appear on your mod or your hotkeyed weapons show up on your back was outside of my capabilities so I thought I'd find an easy and simpler solution instead.

In a nutshell, this mod adds a simple static holster for your current rifle (because rifles don't just stick to your back when you put them away) and provides a seperate holster for a static rifle (hunting, cowboy repeater, varmint or anti-material depending on which one you wanna use). When you have a rifle equipped you'll have two rifles in two seperate holsters (similar to how Geralt from the Witcher series has two weapons on his back hence the name of the mod except Geralt has two swords and not guns) and still have a cool rifle when you switch to a sidearm giving your character a sweet geared up look. 

The holsters take up the backpack slot and provide a small carry weight bonus depending on the variant you have equipped.

I had originally made this mod for myself but some users requested I share it so I thought I would. I thought having a rifle holster and always having a rifle on your character's back would look cool. Anyway,  I hope you guys like it. 

This is a very simple mod. In a nutshell, it's a simple static mesh on your characters back but it gets the job done, for me at least and something is better than nothing. It also won't break your game or cause script bloat or anything like that because of how simple it is.

ou can buy the very basic and standard variant which has a varmint rifle from Chet at Goodsprings store. The holster will cost 50 caps (flat price in the G.E.C.K). Actual price will depend on your barter skill. It acts as a backpack and provides a small carry weight bonus (25). A variant with the cowboy repeater can be bought from Johnson Nash at Primm (provides a bonus of 30 carry weight and costs 75 caps). As of Update 0.3a, The holster with the Hunting Rifle will be sold by Cliff Broscoe at Novac (carry weight bonus of 35, price 100 caps).

The one with the anti-material rifle can be bought from the Gun Runner HQ Vendor protectron at the Gun Runners HQ. This one will cost a 125 caps and provides a carry weight bonus of 40.

All holsters can be repaired using leather armor

Probably maybe some balance tweaks if people think they are too overpowered. Due to the sheer amount of weapons and variations in the game I doubt I'll be taking requests. Also, my UL overhaul is already taking up most of my free time.

Should be compatible with everything because it only adds and doesn't change any vanilla records outside of inventories. Remember to make a bashed patch and if they doesn't show up, wait in an interior cell till the inventories refresh and the holsters should be there.

None yet but there will be clipping with some armors, it is inevitable and not much can be done about it. The holsters will also float when using female characters, as in it won't touch the character's back. Once again, not much can be done about this because rifles already float on female characters and moving the holsters closer to the female meshes back will cause the guns to float as the guns will remain in the same place relative to the holster. I also don't play with female characters so it's not a big problem for me. If anybody wants to make a fix, let me know and I'll upload the file here.

MrLexx2k for his rifle holster mesh which formed the base of this mod
Obsidian for the RPG gem that is F:NV
ElminsterAU for the godsend that is FNVedit