Alien Plasma Rifles (Halo Inspired) by spinosauruskin
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Added: 18/05/2017 - 04:33AM
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Last updated at 4:31, 18 May 2017 Uploaded at 4:33, 18 May 2017

I got a massive hit of nostalgia recently, so I decided to make some weapons inspired by the Halo games. The models aren't great, I'm no expert 3d modeller (this is all stuff I learnt to do within the last week), but I thought it might be worth sharing since there's absolutely no alternative anywhere I've looked
And I have really looked.

There's three weapons:

  • The Alien Plasma Rifle, with the classic sound. This fires with 75 damage at about 450 RPM and has a 100 round magazine of electron charge packs - but this (hopefully) doubles to 200 shots with the recycler.
  • The Alien Plasma SMG, with the later sound. This fires with 55 damage at a higher 495 RPM with the same magazine capacity as the former
  • The Alien Plasma SMG (Jiralhanae), with the later sound also. This fires with 40 damage at an even higher 540 RPM and comes in a nice crimson colour with cutsom red plasma bolts :)

They're all located in Goodsprings cave and so are the weapon mods. They're pretty powerful weapons but each weighs 13 pounds too and they're not particularly accurate.

As for permissions, use anything from this mod as you please, this was just for fun - if someone gets use out of these assets, all the better :)