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Damages the player periodically while overencumbered, à la Fallout 4 Survival Mode.
Multiple install options available.

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This mod is intended to encourage players to be more sensible with their carry weight, and not just pick up everything they can find and walk half a mile towards a shop.

There are two different damage types, and two different stat tie-ins for each;
The damage types determine where the damage will be applied:
Leg Primary Damage
Torso Primary Damage

The stat tie-in determine what stats it uses and how it uses them to calculate damage.
Luck+Endurance (I personally prefer this method with the Torso primary)

If people would like more options, I'll provide them, but I feel this is a good starting point at least.

If you don't want specific details about how the mod calculates your resistance to strain-based injuries, I'd advise that you skip over the next section and pick the version of the mod you want from the FOMOD installer.
For those of you sticking around, here's the run-down on how thing are roughly calculated:

The Luck version calculates everything based on dice-rolls, from how much damage you take to whether you take damage at all. Luck massively influences it, to the extent that you could be damaged every few seconds, or once every couple of minutes.
The mixed Luck+Endurance version relegates Luck determining how likely you are to damage yourself, while Endurance decides how much damage you take once you lose a Luck roll.
For damage, I have the script injure four parts of the body individually: The Left and Right legs (Calculated independently), the Torso, and Health.
Whether you select the Leg or Torso damage modules will determine what body part the damage is emphasized on; the Torso or the Legs.
For each version, the dominant damage-taker will take 25% more damage than the non-dominant, with health damage staying the same.
All versions give more damage depending on how far over your weight limit you are; during testing of the Legs edition with average stats, I could easily survive for several minutes when slightly over capacity, though broke my legs about half-way through. I near-instantly died when I gave myself +2000 weight in items.