The True Revival of Luxury - An Ultra-Luxe Overhaul by Faram aka Biohazard
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If you are updating to V6 and above from an older version of the mod (before V6) I would recommend a clean save. New users don't have to worry about this.

I still remember the first time I played Fallout New Vegas on my playstation 3 all the way back in the winter of 2010. I remember roaming the wasteland and hearing all about this place called the 'Ultra-Luxe'. Mr. New Vegas wouldn't shut up about it, 'live life in the lap of luxury' and the 'pinnacle of New Vegas refinement and class' and all that jazz. I saw the billboards and thought to myself I gotta check this place out for myself. It was no doubt intriguing. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I finally got to the Vegas strip and the Strip disappointed me, quite a lot actually, but that's a different story for a different time.

So after disposing of Benny I decided to find this place, the so called 'Ultra-Luxe'. I remember walking in only to say 'Wow.... is this it?' I went in once, looked around and never went back in.

So much for the ritziest place in town huh? They were talking about 'life at the top', the 'luxury' and the so called 'prestige'..........Yeah, not seeing it. This place wasn't the place you heard so much about. This place was a glorified dump! Even the Tops was a more classy and high society place than this! Taking a tour of the Ultra-Luxe would make Hannibal throw up because of how badly it failed at almost everything. The Ultra-Luxe had almost nothing going for it. The TOPS had multiple floors, a cool theatre, a diner, decent hotel rooms and an outdoor pool. Gomorrah and the Lucky 38 also had a lot of things going for them and made them stand out. They were truly unique and they also had something of substance. The Ultra-Luxe didn't. It didn't have anything to cater to the elite let alone a wastelander outside of an industrial style swimming pool and the so called gourmet restaurant trash heap called the 'Gourmand'. No operahouse or grand ballroom or luxury suites or anything. 

So I started cracking and decided to fix it. When you look at the Ultra-Luxe, you can tell immediately it was the last casino the devs worked on. Every casino had unique furniture, lights, curtains, carpets, doors, unique everything!!! (for the most part). The Ultra-Luxe did not have any of that. It did not at all get the same treatment. Cement planters, hospital lights, generic hotel chairs and lamps, tranquility lane paintings (smh), reused curtains, bland and uninspired textures, tacky carpets that just looked cheap beyond reason and did not at all represent luxury or class (blue with cartoon crowns on it.... Really?!! That's something you find in a kid's bathroom by gum!). It was all so very disappointing.

Obsidian clearly didn't have the time to finish it and that is a shame because it could have really been something. Another reason it was probably like this was because maybe the Ultra-Luxe doesn't have a huge role in the main story (or so I remember) so maybe the devs didn't bother with it as much as say 'The TOPS' or the other casinos which had more sizable roles in the main quest. It also only has one unique side quest of it's own or so I remember. 

With this mod, I want that now, when people step foot in the Ultra-Luxe they never want to leave (as many people in the game will actually tell you). Now, I want the patrons to roam the halls and admire everything and take in every single detail. I want the Ultra-Luxe to make you it's prisoner. 

This mod tries to finish what Obsidian started and tries to do away with all the shortcomings and tries to make the Ultra-Luxe feel complete and stand out like it should have. Merging Versaillian with Venetian. Black, white and gold. Pomp with elegance. A classic luxury aesthetic while having a dark mystique to it. This is the Ultra-Luxe. This is the true Revival of Luxury.

TL;DR : The Ultra-Luxe sucked and reeked of brahmin dung and I decided to do something about it. 



The original dull cold blue lighting has been replaced with a new lighting and colour scheme to match the classic luxury feel the Ultra-Luxe should have imo. The lighting is now more warm as a whole and it feels more like a once great five diamond Luxury resort.  

The original bland textures have been replaced by new textures. The new textures are a mix of a more regal gold and elegant white as opposed to blue and grey. New Black marble textures infused with gold now line the walls. For the casino area versaillian white marble with gold inner borders. Pink marble for the inner parts of the resort. The textures were inspired by what I have personally seen in five star/diamond hotels and resorts along with interiors of Versaillian and Venetian buildings and palaces. I also took direct inspiration from 'The Venetian' casino and resort and the 'Bellagio' Hotel and resort, the original inspirations for the Ultra-Luxe. All base Ultra-Luxe textures have been replaced. New textures for the whole casino.


The mod features new assets made by repurposing vanilla ones. All in all a lot of new assets have been made spanning the paintings that line the walls to the furniture in the Luxe. New chairs, new paintings, new tables, new sofas, new bookcases, new chandeliers, new lamps, new curtains and new carpets (Check images to get an idea of the new assets).

The bland circular ceiling lights have been replaced with large chandeliers. New paintings line the walls instead of the black and white tranquility ones (seriously, why were those there?). All in all 64 new paintings line the walls of the Ultra-Luxe now (as of V8.5).

The Ultra-Luxe's unique curtains are no longer the reused blueish green TOPS casino curtains it originally had. The new curtains are now layered. Black with a regal design for the outer ones with off-white for the inner curtain which has a luxury pattern.

The cement planters have been replaced by more appropriate white and gold ones. The generic chairs have been replaced with new repuposed white chairs made from vanilla meshes and original textures. New white and gold chandeliers and lamps and new carpets for the various doors. The Gourmand also uses new white wood hotel chairs and tables.

Now when you'll hear someone say 'they must have spent a fortune renovating this place' you won't cringe as much.

The main casino floor and hotel rooms area was overhauled and the new areas will actually feel complete now. No more empty walls and corners. The new interiors will now reflect and truly make the Ultra-Luxe feel like a once great luxury resort and actually make it feel like the high society casino on the strip that you heard so much about. 

The Gourmand will now feel like the classiest gourmet and high society serving restaurant it was supposed to be. I have used BlooperReel's (Kudos to him) 'Lively Gourmand' as a base and added to that. Now a Violin duo will play classical music as you dine on the finest food this side of the wasteland and the place shouldn't feel like a dump anymore. 

Overhauled the bathhouse to feel more like a bathhouse and less like an industrial swimming pool. New marble statues were made using repurposed vanilla assets. Added new blue marble pillars like the ones you would normally find in a bathhouse. Changed the lighting to be less murky and factory like. Comment and suggestions are welcome.

I've also started work on the White Glove members only area. I've started by changing the lighting and I've added new unique music to the area. It's a melancholic and haunting piece which suits the White Glove society imo. This area will need a lot of work and at the moment it's WIP.



The white glove society attire has been changed so now it actually has white gloves. It was originally an exact copy of the formal attire. Not anymore. Now the white glove society will actually wear.......... get this...... white gloves. The default female granny outfit originally worn by the White Glove females has also been changed to a red elegant thigh slit dress similar to the one worn by the woman on the Ultra-Luxe billboard.

The White Glove members now carry new weapons. I didn't like how they only carried stupid canes. It made no sense from a security or high society point of view. Now the lesser members carry new golden engraved 9mm pistols (New weapon with custom textures) and the more prominent members carry golden engraved .44 magnum revolvers (Custom textures). Now they will kill you with class and with fine taste in firearms.

The female white mask was bugged in the vanilla game and didn't fit the face very well. This was fixed and the mask was aligned to fit the female face properly (Check pictures to get an idea of it). The male mask will now also display the user's hair correctly as it properly should have.

The prominent NPCs in the Luxe will now wear unique outfits which go with the masked/Venetian/Masquerade vibe. The Ultra-Luxe greeter will now wear a custom Venetian Plague Doctor outfit. I think it looks good and doesn't break the Venetian style. Heck Gundersen will now wear a custom suit to reflect his wealth and position as a true brahmin baron. Marjorie now has a unique dress and wears long opera style gloves. Mortimer now wears an outfit which is inspired by Victorian era undertakers with black longcoat and black leather gloves along with his tophat. A chef outfit for Philippe is in the works.

A legal copy of F:NV only. No dlcs required.

Compatible with almost every mod except for those that edit directly edit the Ultra-Luxe. There aren't a lot of mods that edit the UL according to my knowledge. My mod aims for compatibility with most major mods.

As my mod incorporates BlooperReel's 'Lively Gourmand and Street Vendor Stall', you shouldn't use both. You will get two of everything, there will probably be weird clipping and your machine will have to render two of everything that mod adds. Also, any mod that adds or makes static edits to the street vendor on the Strip will also be incompatible. 

More updates will hopefully come with time. I only have a few days off so I can't say what I can achieve at the moment but I have a grand ballroom planned, more paintings, new small rug textures, more unique furniture like new tables and I also have yet to overhaul the hotel rooms and the bathhouse so keep tracking. I also want to make the female gloves go all the up to the elbows, if anybody with 3d modelling knowledge wants to help me out or wants to give me access to some resource or something, let me know.

All in all here's a rough list if things I still have in mind :

More paintings (more are planned, at 64 at the moment)
New beds to replace the generic ones
New doors
A grand ballroom
A theatre/operahouse
More ceiling paintings (difficult to find good resources for this but I'm on it)
Mod was cleaned before release. Report any bugs you come across.

The Plague Doctor's robe's leather could be better. I'll try to improve it in the future.

The new interior fountain lacks water. I'm still going through how to add that.  

Adobe Photoshop

Obsidian for Fallout New Vegas
Bethesda for the G.E.C.K
ElminsterAU for the godsend that is FNVedit
neunen for the Plague doctor outfit
luigiN64 for his textures which I used as a base
BlooperReel for his awesome 'Lively Gourmand And Street Vendor Stall' and allowing me to merge it into my mod - http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/62336/?
Ruadhan2300 for his female mask fix
Jokerine for her Square Rug Resource and her Misc Resources
SydneyB, Flonne, Gizmodian, Arien, Terry Malick for Asharas Formal Clothing - http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/12546/?
Exeter for Type3 Armor Conversions
DrakenGuard for his White Glove Armed mod which served as an inspiration for the weapons addon
Cowboy Duster (incomplete) by SepticSeptim
matortheeternal for his amazing Merge Script Plugin
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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Audio Library - Royalty Free Music (Overture 1812 by Tchaikosvky) - https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music?feature=ctsbi