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This mod adds a custom plasma rifle into the game.

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This mod adds a custom plasma weapon into the game. You can find it inside doc Mitchell house near the metal shelves in a trunk.
There is also a "unique" version you can find next to a corpse on top of black mountain.

The PlasmaSMG-MKII Leveled lists update

The PlasmaSMG-MKII update adds the plasma smg as well as it's mods into the fiends weapon lists meaning you will sometimes find fiends using the new weapon, additionally i've added a new "Fiend" version of the weapon into the game that you will only find on fiends.
It's a weaker version of the weapon and you won't be able to attach weapon mods to it but it has a "corrosive" effect to it.


The hive buff updates
causes the unique version of the weapon to do an unstoppable 10 point of damage per shot.
If you downloaded the 2nd version it will add a red dot sight to the weapon.
I've added a screenshot showing you what it will look like if you do.

The "Fiend" version of the weapon has an effect that will -10dt for 3 seconds - 3hp for 3 seconds and +2 rads for 3 seconds.
i thought adding this effect might make it less useless as it's pretty weak. let me know if it's op and i'll remove it. When i was testing it out it seemed ok but idk...

The weapon is full auto and includes several mods you can attach to it.

You can find the regular version inside doc Mitchell house near the metal shelves in a trunk.

You can find the "unique" on a dead adventure at mountain.