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Adam Reborn doesn't come with a PN patch and all the other Adam - PN patches don't allow for merging down to 2 esps. This will replace the "Adam Merge.esp"

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I'm using a S.T.E.P. wiki by Themagicteeth for TTW. It calls for ADAM and an ADAM - Project Nevada Patch but the link he used is dead.

I downloaded the main ADAM files but when I merged them it created dependency problems. Then I tried ADAM Reborn which worked but didn't have a Project Nevada patch.

So I downloaded everything and using FNVEdit I compared the original ADAM-PN patch (which is only formlists) to the ADAM Merge.esp (which has no formlists).

My Solution; 
I added PN and PN-equipment as ESM masters and PN's formlists to Adam Merge.esp. Then I added Adam Complete.esp's formlists that duplicate the ADAM-PN patches. 

To make this work download ADAM Reborn and manually install or run the FOMOD first. In the data folder you should end up with ADAM Complete.esp and ADAM Merge.esp. Either download this file with manager or manually override that esp with this esp.

(As with most of my Nexus Mods I'm putting this here so when I screw up the Data file and have to rebuild the damn game I don't have to re-do something that's extremely tedious.)