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Adds in an ability that allows you to stop time, but at a cost.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds an item called The Quantum Trigger that lets the player character temporarily stop time. The item can be crafted at a workbench with the following:

  • Science skill of 90
  • 5x Spare Parts
  • 5x Scrap Electronics
  • 3x Sensor Modules
  • 1x Conductor
  • 1x Stealthboy

You can use this ability whenever/however you'd like, as long as the device remains in your inventory. However using it will constantly hurt you, unless you turn that off via MCM. First it'll drain your AP and a small bit of your health, but once your AP is gone it'll start rapidly draining your health instead. You'll receive less damage in this state based on how high your Endurance and Agility is, and in addition some perks will further reduce damage taken.  By default the hotkey to pause time is 'H', but that can be configured via MCM. For a better understanding of what this is, please watch this video for a quick demonstration, just note that this video is ever so slightly incorrect, I bumped up the HP/AP drain quite a bit after recording this:

MCM (Optional)


Projectiles that are affected by gravity will not work most of the time/instantly kill you for the time. Beam weapons are slightly wonky, but that's just a visual thing.

The player can't move diagonally while time is slowed for whatever reason. This is an engine bug that has something to due with how the Turbo effect works.

Physics sometimes bug out and send corpses or misc objects flying, but let's just say that's another consequence of you breaking physics and time itself.


Xilandro - For coming up with the name.
- For making the animated logo, and for initial testing.
RoyBatty - Initial testing and ideas.
TrueVoidwalker - Initial testing and bug reports.