Sawed off Long Barreled Coach gun by Psydeffex
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Added: 21/04/2017 - 02:38PM
Updated: 05/05/2017 - 11:43AM

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Uploaded by psydeffex


Last updated at 11:43, 5 May 2017 Uploaded at 14:38, 21 Apr 2017


Fixed a mesh problem with the iron sights and drum barrel,
added a new gun that can be found in novac. 

CLUE: Rent a Room.

First off id' like to give Thank's to the following.
mod author's.
TraVinh for giving me permission to use his mod, mostly the coach gun.
kouoaeha for creating the aim point micro-T.

About the mod.

This mod add's a modified version of TraVinh's coachgun which is part of this mod

the coach gun now has a longer barrel in which the original has a short barrel, and an ironsight's  
and an adjusted aim view.
also the coach gun, now has 3 weapon mod's. which increases accuracy, vat's and ammunition capacity.
and also the weapon's health has now been increased to 240 and has a damage of 60 and a dps of 231.


the weapon can be found at doc mitchel's  fire place, along with some ammo and weapon mods.


if you add the micro-t and you are playing 1st person, the first thing you will notice is that red dot.
is slightly out of line. this is just a minor problem. and can be ignored.
if you plan on dropping the gun make sure you remove the mod's first. so you can pick it up again.