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Add some small functions to power armor

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Power Armor Functions

Hiya this is just a simple little mod that will add some functions to power armors while your in one.
You need to be in a full set of power armor for the effects to work. It doesnt matter if the armor and
helmet are different as long as they're consider power armor. For example wearing a t-45D armor with a
t-51b helmet will work. All effects of this mod will last until either the power armor or helmet is unequipped or
the power armor is broken.

To install just extract everything in "Power Armor Function.rar" and place them into your data folder
To uninstall the mod make sure to unequip power armor in game first before deleting the files that comes with
this mod

Scope of this mod:

While wearing a full set of Power Armor that is not broken:

- water breathing

- No weapon spread while scope

- No Fall Damage

- Increase Jumping Height (Invisible ledge still persist no way around it sorry)

- Increase Speed while running (Power Armor will take a small damage while running)

- Can use a bash attack to knock down enemies.
  (bashing will damage the power armor and weapon being bashed with)

- Can knock down enemies by crashing into them while running and sneaking at the same time
  (crashing into enemies while fun will damage the power armor)

- Carry Weight + 500

- Night Vision
  (I guess it can be called that....not sure)

- Improved Spotting

- Improved Item Detection

- Improved Detection

Change Log:


- Added carry weight bonus while in full power armor(500)

- Added semi night vision when the pip boy light is on while in full power armor

- Added Improved Spotting(just like companions perk but without the companions)

- Added Improved Item Detection(zoom or block just like companions perk)

- Added    Improved Detection

- Changed bash so that it can be used outside of power armor but with only pistols and rifles. Still need to be in
  power armor to bash with bigger weapons for example mini guns and rocket launchers

- Changed and modify some scripts for lesser redundancy(might have added more....yay)


- Added More MCM Options to control the functions of this mod


- Added a check box to turn off speed function in the MCM menu

- Reduce the speed bonus to running while wearing power armor

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