Dufflebag Retexture by Sebastjin
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Added: 08/04/2017 - 10:03AM
Updated: 13/04/2017 - 06:22AM

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Last updated at 6:22, 13 Apr 2017 Uploaded at 10:03, 8 Apr 2017

Dufflebag Retexture with various options to choose from.

This mod retextures the containers known as Dufflebags found throughout the Wasteland.
This affects all Dufflebags found in the base game including ones present in Dead Money, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road as they make use of the same texture.
However, Honest Hearts has a unique texture for its Dufflebags known as Survivalist Hidden Caches thus I was able to give it a standalone retexture.
So any option plus the Survivalist may be used together at the same time.

Options include -
  • Depot
  • Packrat
  • Plain
  • USA
  • Vault
  • Warboy
  • Survivalist (Honest Hearts DLC only)

Manually download the file you want and to install it, drop the contents into your Fallout New Vegas Data folder.
To uninstall the retexture just delete the dufflebag_d and dufflebag_n files.

Notes -
  • Should you find the Dufflebag too 'shiny' in your game, simply delete the dufflebag_n file.
  • This retexture should apply to any mods that make use of the Dufflebag as a backpack.
  • I do not claim to own nor have created the original Dufflebag texture (Bethesda/Obsidian) or the symbol/texture options which were found freely available online.
  • I am open to requests for other symbols/textures, though these would affect all Dufflebags just like the current options.

Thank you for downloading, I hope that my mod added to your Wasteland experience - even if only very slightly.