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Boring stretches of asphalt no more !

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This is my first large project and it will be on going for a while if I get good feedback.

Name : I-15 And Nipton Highway Reborn
Category : Overhaul
Date of initial release : 4/2/17
Current version : 2.1


Don't you just dread having to walk up these boring abandoned highways sometimes? Don't you wish that there was more to them? Me too, and This mod should fix that problem.

*NOTE* - There are many highways in the game and this is just version 1.0. Not all parts will be covered as of this version.

From Sloan to Nipton, is now reborn. Tons of wreckage, Trucks, Cars, Campers, Mobile home, Motorcycles, Fire trucks, Army Trucks, Small abandoned forts built from the wreckage of trailers. There'll be plenty of cover from raiders, however, as we all know, some can explode.

I wanted to, with this mod, make the world more immersive and real. I mean these highways were the life line of states back in the day, don't you think they'd have a lot of vehicles? I felt like there was never enough so, I'm fixing it.

There will be many updates to this mod if I get good feedback, as I said.

There are no know bugs as of now that I know of. Just be careful with what mods you add that affect these stretches of road and it should be fine.

Thanks :)