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Ever thought that ascending Black Mountain was too easy? Not Anymore!

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Ever Thought that ascending Black Mountain was too easy? Well, I fixed that. I've added more muties and more loot on those muties.

What this mod adds:
Mutants will for sure spawn at every road block on the way up to black mountain.
These mutants will have heavy gear (Miniguns, Missile launchers, and Incinerators)
Of course there are still regular melee muties and the classic rifle muties.
There are also more nightkin.
There is also a Story to discovered while traveling up the mountain.

What I was trying to do with this mod : I wanted to make it challenging to conquer Black Mountain, and end Tabitha's reign of terror. These are the most resilient creatures in the wasteland right? Then they should act like it! There's tons of loot on these muties in way of weapons.

This is my first mod, so tell me how I did. I'd love tips from experienced modders. If there is anything I can fix be sure to tell me too. Thanks :)