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ZuTheSkunk and xax34hah

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Mark items as vendor trash, so that they are automatically sold every time you pick them up.

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== Instant Sell On Pickup ==
by ZuTheSkunk & xax34hah

I'm one of those people who don't like having any limits on how much they can carry in their inventory. Instead, I prefer being able to act like a compulsive obsessive kleptomaniac who goes around picking up every single rudimentary thing that isn't nailed down to the ground.

However, even if you raise the carry weight limit, this behavior comes with a certain problem: namely, your inventory sooner or later becomes cluttered with all sorts of items. You rarely have the chance to sell it all, and even when you do, it takes an eternity to select all the items you want to sell. So, what can you do?

Well, this mod is meant to be the answer.

Once the mod is installed, you gain an option to mark items in your inventory as vendor trash, so that they can be instantly sold the moment you pick them up. See below on how this works.

Versions 2 and up (made mostly by xax34hah) now work with any items, vanilla or modded. Supports the Quickloot mod, too.

== HOW TO USE ==

Aim your cursor at an item in your inventory and press ">". This will mark it as vendor trash. To undo, use "<" instead.

To see the full list of the vendor trash, press simultaneously "<" and ">" while not in any menu. You can view it either as a message, or open it as a container. Removing or adding anything from this container adds/removes items from the vendor trash list.

To access extra options, press "?" while not in any menu.

== Requirements ==

Requires NVSE and JIP LN NVSE Plugin.

== Credits ==

- ZuTheSkunk: Initial version, some script tweaks, icon, idea

- xax34hah: The vastly improved scripts, new way of marking items as vendor trash

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