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An in-game facial expression editor, for screenshot hunters, in-game burps, or... I don't know, whatever you want. Not much different from the Skyrim one, if you ever used it.

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01 Mar 2020 I corrected the Expression list following AnnihilatingDespair 's unvaluable directions

16 Feb 2020 I added all the morphs I found in the vanilla assets (new moods like MoodNeutral, MoodAngry etc.) Some of them could work properly, some could not, depending by factors like the .tri and the skeleton.

02 Jan 2020 I think I found the bug I was looking for since a long time. I'm uploading a new recompiled version right now.


An in-game facial expression editor, if you used something like that in Skyrim then you're already used to it.

You open an Edit mode, it goes in TFC (Fly cam), an UI with the list of phonemes appears on the screen, you choose a phoneme, you choose a value, you apply it, your character's face will change.

So why "limited"? because after a while that you are using it, you probably will start wondering "what if..." "can you..." - well, the answer is 99% of times No, because what was viable was already made. And I'll add, "unfortunately", because it could have given a lot of pretty opportunities. However, while I can't change the game engine's behaviours, I can still change the "mechanics", the way I wrote the editor, if it helps the user's experience, so please drop me a line with a feedback if you have an idea to share.

All the keys can be changed via MCM. Here's the default ones:
I - Enters / Exits the Edit mode, to edit the facial expression. It also calls the TFC (flycam) if you're not on it.
Up / Down arrow - browses through the list of the phonemes
Left / Right arrow - decreases / increases the value of the highlighted phoneme
Left Shift - speeds up the actions I described previously

Return (the main one, not the one on the numpad) - Applies the highlighted value
Del - Zeroes all the values (which doesn't mean it resets your facial expression v.2 should reset the face too)
Page Up - Changes category / page .There are 3 categories: phonemes, modifiers, expressions
Numpad numbers 1-6 - They allow to store a preset. To STORE a new preset, you must HOLD the key for a couple of seconds, until you hear a sound and a message on top right of the screen will warn you. To LOAD a preset, you must TAP the key and you'll hear a different sound, and a message on top right of the screen will warn you.
R - cycles through the targets in the list (see later). The selected npc will have a blue cloud on it for a couple of seconds.

I will describe the usage with an example
- I press "I" and I go in edit mode, to change the player's expression.
- I put my freecam in front of the face, so I can see better, then I modify the Aah phoneme value, I press Return to apply it.
- I don't like it, so I increase that value, I press again Return to apply it.
- I move on another phoneme, i.e. Big Aah, I select a value, I press Enter to apply it.
- Now I want to see how the Big Aah would show without the Aah, so I go back on the Aah, I select a zero value, I press Return to apply it.
- I proceed in this way until I find a good expression, then I HOLD the Numpad 1 for a couple of seconds, until I hear the sound and the message tells me that it's stored.
- Now I want to make a new expression, I press Del to zero all the values, this should also reset my facial expression.
- Now I stored some expressions. I prepare myself to make a screenshot, I load back the first stored expression TAPPING Numpad 1, the sound effect and the message on top right will tell me that it's loaded, but the face won't be changed - to do that, I will have to browse through every single modified phoneme and press Return to apply them.

Press I (or the key you chose in MCM) and you'll go in Edit mode with only the player as target.
Press I (or the key you chose in MCM) while having a NPC on your crosshair, you'll go in Edit mode with both the player and that npc as viable targets.

These are mainly a curiosity, to understand better how the game engine handles them.
- If you Apply two values too fast, the second one will reset the previous. The necessary time for the game engine to apply it, is about a second.
- If you Apply many values too fast, even if only the last one will be applied, every command will still be queued and will need (number of operations x 1 second) seconds to end up the queue. Queue is persistent through saves, so don't think to trick it loading a save, you just need to wait ;)
- A facial expression is PERSISTENT THROUGH SAVES: if you have a open mouth, you'll have to close it. If you don't, and you simply load a previous game, you still will see the mouth open.
- A facial expression is NOT PERSISTENT if you exit the game or go back to main menu. This also clues you something important - whatever you do, you can't do any real damage.
- It shouldn't clash with any mods that use Special Idles, so it should be compatible with them
- The reset is a Special Idle, so it will stop Behaviours and in general spontaneous idles handled by the game engine until a dynamic idle is played (Sneeze!)
- It should clash with FAFF and any other mods that introduce a reset of facial expressions inside an animgroup (i.e. I can think to... uhm... animated chems or something like that). If they give you troubles, remove the added animgroups (like, mtidle etc.)
- There could be some cases where some specific expressions don't apply - you could need a different skeleton, let's talk about it.
- My beloved ARES character doesn't morph Eee phoneme. Didn't inspect too much the reason. EDIT: not only the ARES. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, not sure why.

User PsychoGamer1246 (Thank you so much!) made me notice that the morphs Squint L/R, when applied, also can deform the head. I swear I've read about something like that in the past, but I don't remember in which context. My assumption is that the tri of the head mesh has a problem on these two morphs, so maybe with a corrected head the problem shouldn't happen.
EDIT 16 feb 2020: yes I inspected the vanilla head and the issue is inside of that.

- Last NVSE
- MCM (optional but strongly recommended)

Extract the content under Data and activate the plugin, or use your favourite mod manager.

You can do whatever you want with it, if it's non-commercial / doesn't involve money.

hlp for NVSE
Pelinor for MCM
Doctasax for uMCM
panthercom for testing