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A simple retexture of the Mentats so that the flavors are recognizable. Textures permissions by pommymax. (Thank you for the inspiration)

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Version 1.1

Changed the colors to be more vivid with some added decals and added Party Time Mentats to the mix! There are two versions of Party Mentats you can download. One is a regular box with a piece of tape over it, and the other has a new prewar style design. The reason behind this is that I personally think lore-wise, Party Time Mentats are something invented after the apocalypse since they are mainly a crafted item. But others think that they are pre-war. Since the lore doesn't specify (from what I found) I figured, why not make it a choice.

So in the download section there are two different files, Wasteland, and Prewar. Your choice to which one you want to download.

Alright so here's a retexture of the Grape, Berry, and Orange Mentats so they actually can be told apart. Very simple but fun to do once I figured out how to do Normal Mapping for the textures.

As an added bonus, and a test of my texturing skills I also have Heart Pills from Fallout 2 (Clutter only and not consumable) and new 'Patriotic Mentats' that are the same as Original but is a 'Lore Plausible' repackaging to represent your 'Patriotic support of America!' By Lore Plausible I mean there is no record of them existing in cannon but there is a good likeliness that Patriotic Mentats could have existed... Right? Anyway,

There are two of each item in (of course) Doc Mitchell's house to the right of the bed (east) that you wake up in at the start of the game. I also have one of each of the other Mentat flavors to give you a visual right off the bat. Also a bottle of Heart Pills on the bookcase next to the Doc's bed.

This is a recolor using resources from pommymax ':

PM's Med-Textures - HD Chems and Venoms


The above mod isn't required to install mine but... Seriously, just download it. You won't be sorry. It looks amazing and my mod is meant to work alongside that one.

Let me know what you think!