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Unofficial Patch Plus
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New Vegas Script Extender


Unofficial Patch Plus, UP+ or UPP for short, is a compilation of bug fixes for Fallout: New Vegas that are not included in Yukichigai Unofficial Patch for one reason or another. Mostly this is because the fixes require NVSE, and YUP's philosophy is that it should only require the official game, and nothing else.

However some of the fixes included here are not included in YUP as they are not technically bug fixes, however a lot of people would consider them to be. An example of this would be that some clothes found in Dead Money cannot be returned to the Sierra Madre vending machines: YUP doesn't consider this a bug, rather a deliberate omission, whereas I do consider it a bug, hence I've added return recipes for said items.

This mod is not a replacement for YUP - it is intended to be used in addition to it.

Incorporated Mods

UP+ includes updated and improved equivalents to the following mods. I won't reiterate what each of them do here as the original descriptions probably do them more justice. I suggest you check them out for more information.

Using any of the above mods alongside UP+ is not recommended as it may lead to conflicts and/or duplicate effects.

Additional Fixes

UP+ also includes several unique fixes which you won't find elsewhere. These include:

  • Repair Kits have been (properly) fixed for weapons with durability mods, and they also play a sound effect, increment the "Items Repaired" stat, and are not consumed when you have no weapon equipped or your weapon is at full health;
  • The "Stimpak's Taken" stat will increment if you use a Stimpak other than the regular variant, e.g. Super Stimpaks or Auto-Inject Stimpaks;
  • The broken DT multiplication effect from OWB's Big Brained and Brainless perks has been replaced with an ability which simulates the effect;
  • XP rewards for all the official DLCs have been corrected so that the originally intended total XP is awarded - some missing rewards have been re-added, and all rewards are rounded to the nearest 25 so they're neat values;
  • The Professional perk has been changed to correctly 'catch' mod-added weapons which should be affected by it, but haven't been added to the correct form list;
  • Correctly implemented the broken vanilla Companion Suite perk, which was intended to add abilities for companions as well nerf them slightly;
  • High value items should now actually reach their base value, rather than being a handful of caps below;
  • The original Weathered 10mm Pistol will be automatically replaced with YUP's fixed version when you equip it (as some mods place it in the world, and so circumvent YUP's fix);
  • Changed the value of Gecko Steak from 5 to 4 so that it matches the meat, as is the case with every other steak item;
  • Laser Pistol (GRA) has been 'fixed' to prevent it from snapping in front of the middle of the screen when fired from the hip (however, ironsights are now disabled for it - the Combat Sights mod increases accuracy instead);
  • Full Scotch bottles now actually contain liquid - Scotch, Irradiated Scotch, and Jake Juice are affected (thanks to Jokerine for the new model);
  • Minor name fixes (e.g. "Pre-war Money" corrected to "Pre-War Money");
  • A couple of miscellaneous form list additions, including some weapons missing from the Grunt perk list, and some items missing from animation lists;
  • Added the vanilla sunguard effect (+1 PER) to some items which logically should have it, and that aren't covered by YUP: Caleb McCafferty's Hat, Construction Hat, Fire Helmet, Legion Centurion Helmet, Legion Explorer Hood, NCR Trooper Helmet, Police Hat;
  • Swapped EnchFourEyesGlasses for the unused vanilla EnchFourEyesHat (so that the items also give sunguard's +1 PER when you don't have the Four Eyes Trait) on the following items: Legion Prime (Decanus) Helmet, Legion Recruit (Decanus) Helmet, Legion Veteran (Decanus) Helmet, Legion Vexillarius Helmet, NCR Goggles Helmet, NCR Military Police Helmet;
  • Added option to use a customisable hotkey to control the Friend of the Night perk's effects (the effects now fade in and out too, rather than just pinging on and off as they did in vanilla);
  • Added a customisable hotkey to immediately cancel VATS playback, for those situations when it bugs and leaves you vulnerable for long periods of time.
  • Added the "Glasses" slot flag to Goggles Helmet so it can no longer be equipped with a pair of glasses in order to get the Four Eyes effect twice;
  • In the barter menu, the merchant's name is now displayed in their inventory filter when you first enter the menu (previously it would only show if you switched filters and went back again) (fix contributed by Ladez) (now fixed by JIP LN NVSE Plugin);
  • The VAL and WG fields in recipe menus now display the combined value and weight of all the recipe's outputs (previously the values displayed were random and seemingly meaningless) (fix contributed by Ladez);
  • Retrieving more than 3 items from a Mojave Express Box now displays a single message, instead of spamming a message for each item; the script has also been modified so that it only counts playable items (fix contributed by Axonis);
  • Trudy's radio changed to play Radio New Vegas, as she refers to Mr New Vegas in her dialogue; and the radio in the Novac motel room changed to Mojave Music Radio, as it previously received the REPCONN launch station (fixes contributed by Axonis);
  • The Mr Gutsy in the Nipton tinkerer's house will no longer respawn (fix contributed by Axonis).

Project Nevada Patch

Project Nevada does it again with its needlessly complex changes... The supplied patch makes UP+'s changes to the Y-7 Implant work alongside Project Nevada, in addition to patching conflicting aid items.



This mod requires:

You will be notified if any of the NVSE dependencies are missing.

Load Order

Load this mod after YUP, and high up in your load order. If possible, load this after YUP's NPC fixes file: it will not make much difference if you have to load it before, you'll just lose a couple of minor changes to Lobotomites. You can always use FNVEdit to patch this if you wish.

If you're using JSawyer Ultimate Edition, load UP+ before it. If you're also using Project Nevada, and the associated patches, your load order should be as follows:

  • Unofficial Patch Plus.esp
  • ...
  • (Project Nevada's.esp files)
  • Unofficial Patch Plus - Project Nevada Patch.esp
  • ...
  • JSawyer Ultimate.esp
  • JSawyer Ultimate - Project Nevada Patch.esp


This mod can be uninstalled at any time and will have no permanent effects on your game.


Many fixes included in UP+ are scripted and so will not conflict with anything in most cases. Loading UP+ high will mean other mods will 'win' where the two mods change the same record, which will avoid most problems, even though it means you'll lose UP+'s fix. I recommend that mod authors copy forward fixes from UP+ in the same way as they would for YUP.

If you use a mod which includes a fix which is also replicated in UP+, you may see duplicate effects. For example, if you use another mod which adds the missing Sierra Madre return recipes, there will be two sets of recipes in the menu. The only way to fix these issues is to use a compatibility patch, or for the other author to simply remove the fix so there's no issue to begin with.

Preferably I'd want to avoid making loads of compatibility patches as these take time to make and just clutter load orders and cause confusion. I'd rather this mod become the 'hub' for such fixes and for other mod authors to delegate them to UP+, in much the same way as YUP is considered the de-facto bug fix mod for conventional bug fixes. That way, it's simpler for everyone.


I'm happy to take suggestions for changes which should be included in UP+, just be prepared to justify your reasoning. Also keep in mind that I want to keep this as purely bug-fixy as possible, and not stray too far into gameplay changes.

If you think a certain fix shouldn't have been included in UP+ then you're free to explain why, and I'll take it on board. Just keep things civil, ok?


The following authors' work was used as inspiration for many of the fixes included in UP+, so all the relevant credit goes to them.

And, of course:

My Mods

I spend a lot of time creating and supporting my mods, so any donations are gratefully received.