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Recreation and expansion of Treasures of the Wastes by Kilroy2009

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This mod is a complete recreation and expansion of "Treasures of the Wastes" by Kilroy2009.
It requires 5 major DLCs; Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, and Gun Runners Arsenal.

Update to version 1.1, 3/22/17, esp only: I felt treasures were coming up too much. I made adjustments and I like the new loot frequency better. Fixed necklace values to reflect the values of what you made them out of. I goofed on a couple of them. Updated NCR Coins and other money to the type to have correct absolute values. Old world coins will still be subject to bartering. Also included are new environmental maps to make the gemstones pretty! (Courtesy of weijiesen) There are now bitey things in the mines. Also, someone wanted Deathclaws, they got Deathclaws. Enjoy!

Kilroy always intended to expand his little mod into a quest mod. However, he was fighting cancer and he hasn't appeared on the Nexus since July 2013. It looks as though he may be unable to realize his modding ambitions himself. After several unsuccessful attempts to contact him over the last year, I decided it was time for someone (me) to try and make his vision come true. I love the original mod and wanted to see it advanced.
Since I was unable to contact Kilroy, Nexus rules forbid me from using ANY of the original mod's assets. Therefore, I have recreated everything using vanilla meshes, including Dead Money gold bars and Legion coins, utilizing completely new high def textures, and available modder's resources to make this mods items. I have read through Kilroy's comments, his ideas, and I've tried to implement most of it as best I could, with quite a few additions of my own. Since I recreated everything, it's theoretically possible to run both this mod and the original together. But, only someone who's really greedy would do anything like that!

As with the original mod, it adds gold and silver coins and bars to the Mojave. They can occasionally be found on NPCs, in containers, and lying about here and there. There are also a very few rare gemstones to be found, meshes courtesy of Werne's Diamonds modder's resource. I have also added nuggets of silver, gold, and turquoise (nuggets were another plan of Kilroy's). Where possible, I have added new items to vanilla loot lists and unique NPCs and containers via script, rather than direct edits, to maximize mod compatibility.
I have also placed this mod's money into vendor inventories, including the DLCs. There is a game engine limitation to how many caps a vendor can have. If a merchant has somewhere over 32,000 caps, the transaction will glitch. Merchandise will be traded but not caps. There's a simple way around this limit; with the money from this mod. I gave vendors more caps, and also NCR, Pre War, and Legion coins. Also, where appropriate, vanilla NCR paper money. The types of coins they have are appropriate to particular merchants. If you've been running a mod that increases vendor caps, it should no longer be necessary if you run this mod. Vendors now have a few times more money than they had in the base game.
You can also spend and receive NCR coins at casinos. NCR gold and silver coins have the same value as Legion coins. You can exchange them for the same rates. Note that casinos only accept NCR coins in good condition. "Old" coins can be exchanged for newer ones at most merchants.
New to this version is Kilroy's vision of a quest. The quest, and the mod, are called "Rags to Riches", per the song by Tony Bennett. The gold coin in Doc Mitchell's house from the original mod is still there and gives you the same message about treasures to be found in the wastes (too much nostalgic value for me to leave it out). There is a new trigger in the Goodsprings Saloon, which has a small story behind it, that activates the new quest. It starts you on your way to finding the Federal Reserve Bank of the Southwest Commonwealth!

Gold and Silver coins; from the NCR and prewar, both new and worn/weathered.
Gold and Silver bars; "Good Delivery" bars about 27 lbs/12.4 kg and smaller bars of about 2.2 lbs/1 kg. Note that Delivery bars can be melted down into smaller bars.
Nuggets of silver, gold, and turquoise. Metal nuggets can be smelted into rough small bars.
Gemstones; diamonds, emeralds, and rubies.
There are also a few new, little, hidden treasure stashes included for your enjoyment.
Everything has been expanded from the original mod concept into the DLCs. Dead Money note: I replaced the gold bars in the vault with bars from this mod (same mesh, havok fixed, and retexured). There are also more treasures from this mod in that vault, as if the gold bars weren't enough.
Near the end of the quest, you can find a quite a few new prewar items in a lost downtown area. This is a large area encompassing many outdoor cells. Finding the entrance isn't easy. Be prepared to search every nook and cranny in the area! There are many "new" buildings that have been locked up since they closed for business the evening before the Great War. There are remains of an office tower, museum, police station, a hardware store, and more. There's weapons, armor, and clothing (Who doesn't want a Las Vegas T-Shirt?!), along with a few miscellaneous items for your entertainment. I placed a few GRA weapons and made a couple of new prewar weapons, and other changes, that require GRA. 3 weapons are unique. One belongs to Ulysses; a unique hunting rifle, named "Iudicium", based on the "Pristine Hunting Rifle" in this mod. It comes with a suppressor and a scope. It can also take other hunting rifle weapon mods!
Oh, did I mention mines? If you find them you can mine your own nuggets of silver, gold, and turquoise. It's for those that like to work a little harder and slower for their loot. Veins respawn, so you can keep coming back and working your claim. Don't store your stuff in the mineral veins!
There are also recipes at the workbench for turning your money into necklaces, courtesy of Jokerine and her "More Neck Seam Concealer Necklaces" mod. Note that the recipes are only for clean/new coins. Who wants a dirty, beat up coin necklace?
For fans of the original mod, per Kilroy's plans, I have placed the bullion buyer from the 188 trading post in a pawn shop in Freeside, Gold Mine Pawn. It's at the intersection of Las Vegas Blvd and Fremont Ave, on the same street as the Atomic Wrangler and Silver Rush. I have also added a fully functional pawn broker there. His money respawns, but his merchandise doesn't. You can pawn items for quick cash and buy them back at any time! Sorry, but none of the new merchants are voiced. Also, I have done away with the gold and silver dipped bottlecaps of the original mod. They would only be worth the miniscule value of the precious metal. When you're dealing in precious metals, it's just more practical to use coins.

The end of the quest will yield an OBSCENE amount of wealth. For those of you that think this will break your precious immersion, nobody is twisting your arm and making you collect everything that's there. The quest only requires you to enter the vault, not empty it. Of course, you CAN take as much as you want! Try to resist, I dare you. But, be careful coming out of the Federal Reserve. Ammo and stimpaks are recommended.

Since I've added a pawn shop to Freeside, this mod may conflict with any mod that greatly alters that worldspace, like Freeside Open. Since I added to the casino cashier dialogue, this mod will probably also conflict with any others that do that.

"Money Higher Quality Retex 1_2" by lordinquisitor.
No esp file to clutter up your load list, just new meshes and textures. It makes vanilla money look as pretty as my new loot!

kilroy2009 for his wonderful, original mod and inspiration.
Special thanks to SirSalami, Nexus Admin and Community Manager, for clarifying what was necessary to bring this mod to the Nexus.
Werne for his diamond modder's resource meshes.
weijiesen for his new environment maps for Werne's diamonds. (Pretty!)
Jokerine, Jokerine, JOKERINE! for more stuff than I can remember. I use stuff from several of her mods and resources. Check out her Nexus profile for a list.
She's a prolific (obsessive) modder who probably needs either medication or less coffee. ;)