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Changes how the leveling system works by giving the player the choice over when to level up.

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Delay Level Up is a Fallout: New Vegas mod that introduces some much needed freedom to leveling system of the game. In the vanilla game, the level up menu appears promptly after the player has accumulated the required experience points to reach the next level. This menu does not give the player the option to leave it until each and every point has been assigned. This tedious combination tends to disrupt the player experience and the primary goal of this mod is to keep this from happening.


  • The level up menu no longer opens automatically. The player can level up their character via the stats page in the Pip-Boy.

  • The player can skip assignment of skill points and perks during level up. Leftover points can be spent in-between levels, also via the Pip-Boy.

  • Available perks can be browsed from the perks tab in the Pip-Boy, even if there are no available perk points to spend.

  • In the rare event that a S.P.E.C.A.L. point is awarded during gameplay, these can also be saved for later usage and spent in the Pip-Boy.

  • Perk rate can be adjusted with a powerful set of new options that allows multiple perks per level and bonus points at set level intervals.

  • The mouse wheel can be used to assign skill points in the level up menu. Hold LShift for increments of five.

  • The display language can be changed and the addition of new languages can be done by the end-user.

  • Full controller support.



Use Fallout Mod Manager or Nexus Mod Manager to install and activate the mod.

Compatibility notes are maintained in a separate article, to keep this description free of clutter.