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A few recipes.

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Some Recipes 

This is a mod that contains a few recipes without altering any existing recipes, it was mostly meant for accessibility of certain items like duct tapes and wonderglues but i added some over the years and it became a not so small mod.


 Bio-Adhesive     :can be created out of hides, brahmin meat, mole rat meat, rat meat, yao guai meat and bighorner meat.
 Leather Patch    : out of hides
 Leather Stripe   : out of Leather patches
 WonderGlue      : 2 units of Bio-Adhesive
 Duct Tape         : 2 units of Leather Patches and 1 unit of wonderglue gives 2 duct tapes
 wrench             : 1 hammer and 1 scrap metal gives a wrench and the hammer back
 Flour                : 4 maize 
 Metal Sheet      : 2 scrap metals 
 Steel Sheet       : 4 scrap metals and 4 Bio-Adhesive - instead of carbon :V -
 Leather Armor crafted        :    8 leather patches/4 wonderglue/2 metal sheet/12 leather stripes
 Leather Armor Reinforced   :   10 leather patches/6 wonderglue/1 metal sheet/1 steel sheet/15 leather stripes
 Heavy leather Armor          :     8 leather patches/8 wonderglue/3 steel sheet/12 leather stripes
 Breakdowns      :a few items to give scrap metal and scrap electronics under the Breakdown2 section (conductors-irons-fission batteries-sensor modules-                                steam gauge assemblies-tin cans-toasters-the other variant of toasters-vacuums)
 Tin cans Straightening  : turning a bent tin can to a normal tin can
 Flamer fuel     : out of alcohol (absinthe-atomic cocktail-beer- moonshine- scotch-vodka-whiskey-wine) like a mod i uploaded before  http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/62122/?
 Bio-Adhesive                           0.0 Pounds  0 caps
 Leather Patch                          0.5 Pounds 50 caps
 Leather Stripe                         0.1 Pounds  3 caps
 Metal Sheet                               2 Pounds 10 caps
 Steel Sheet                                4 Pounds 30 caps
 Leather Armor crafted              10 Pounds  8 DT 500 caps
 Leather Armor Reinforced         15 Pounds 14 DT 900 caps
 Heavy leather Armor                 20 Pounds 20 DT 1500 caps
1- Extract the "Some Recipes.rar".
2- copy the "meshes" folder and the "Some Recipes.esp" and past them inside the data folder in the Fallout New Vegas directory.
3- Tic the "some recipes" in the launcher or the mod manager
4- Enjoy!