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this mod replaces the vanilla minigun with the Alice grinder from eomanv.
who posted on his page in the description. that it is alright to use his mod as
a modder's resource. and for anyone wondering if it's true here is the link http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/38762/.

Permissions and credits
UPDATE: march-2-2017
nothing really just fixed the missing weapon mods for the minigun, and added a new weapon called the shredder which can be only found on motor 
runner. also this was featured in one of Alchesbreach's videos.


UPDATE: fix a problem with the textures pointed out by Pistogamo.

anyway the reason i did, this is because when i saw f04's minigun for the first time i liked it's
design and it doesn't have that bulky backpack which has a bug whenever you dropped, the gun or
store it in someplace the backpack doesn't disappear and somehow is stuck with your character
until you quit the game and re-load your file to fix it.

then i saw eomanv's alice grinder and it reminds me of the fo4's minigun only better and fortunately he
also pointed out on his nexus page that it is fine to use it as a modder's resource, so i thought of using it
as replacer for the vanilla minigun.