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I always wanted to craft more food in New Vegas, but didn't really find many mods that sated my appetite, so I decided to make this, and start modding! All of this is meant to be Lore Friendly, relatively speaking. While some don't exist in Fallout, I haven't added anything such as brand name foods from reality. This mod will be expanded in the future, so don't worry about the small additions. Also notable is there aren't any custom meshes/textures yet. Those will be added eventually, courtesy of Nissan720! Requires All DLC, other than item packs. My first mod, so comments and criticism is welcome!

Here's a list and description of every item so far:

Wasteland Bread Dough - 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of water, 1 cup of yeast, 1 box of abraxo... wait what? Honestly I'm not sure how edible this thing is... When you heat it, it turns vaguely bread-like, but until you cook it it's a gooey blob. Eating this dough is a quite desperate move, barely helping you move on. 

Wasteland Bread - Less toxic than it's dough counterpart.

Spice - Whew, this stuff is spicy! The last thing you want to do is eat this stuff directly. Mix it into something first, then it's great! - Crafting item, Edible

Jet Cola - Ever wanted to just chug down jet? Me neither, but here you go, Just mix some Nuka Cola and Jet, and this stuff will keep you awake for hours!

Beans - Alright, Get counting!

Diced Xander - Boil'em, mash'em, stick em in a stew!

Ground Big Horner - Careful, this stuff's still raw, Eating it isn't recommended!

Jalapeno Cocktail - Spicy, but smooth. Some wine, Jalapenos, and spice, and you got yourself a hangover free alcohol!

Roast Nettle - Turns out, cooking these little buggers makes them less... poisonous to your endurance.

Baked Beans - Sugar, Beans, Beer, what could go wrong?

Wasteland Chili - Ground Bighorner, Beans, Spice, and Sugar!

Deathclaw Stew - The toughest Survivalists in the wasteland wrote down this recipe, fortifying your strength, and sating incredible appetites!

Bighorner Burger - Putting a Grilled Bighorner Patty on the bread makes it much more enjoyable!

Mashed Xander - Mashed up Xander, Dice first, or the skin gets in and ruins it.

Mashed Potatoes - Boil'em, Mash'em.... Oh, i already used that one?

Sugar - Boil it from Beer, Sugar Bombs, or Dandyboy Candied Apples.

Vegetable Stew - For those of you lacking the gumption to go wrestle a deathclaw.

Processed Sandwich: Cram slathered between two slices of Wasteland Bread.

Deathclaw Sandwich: For those of you who don't care for stew.

Prewar Medley (canned): Just a bunch of canned food mixed together.

Brahmin Wellington: Only the finest of Brahmin shoulders are use to make our famous Brahmin Wellington!

Brahmin Roast: Brahmin shoulder roasted with carrots and potatoes in stock, delicious!

Brahmin Ranch Steak: For those of you who are't high class enough to know what Brahmin Wellington is.

Pickling Fluid: Used to Pickle various foods, Namely Mutfruit.

Salad: Unlike the Desert Salad, this actually has lettuce.

Lettuce: Odd that this isn't mutated in some way...

Soup Stock: Basically just boiled Brahmin bones, Good, but odd.

Pickled Mutfruit: The wasteland Pickle!

Brahmin/Bighorner Tongue: A delicacy to some, disgusting to most.

Bighorner/Brahmin Liver: Well, if you like eating these...

Bighorner/Brahmin Shoulder: The best cut of meat from these beasts, used for many foods.

Bacon: The wonder meat!

Salmon: Well, it's new for the mojave, but out on the coast they've been catching giant salmon for years!

Insect Head: Well, it's edible...

Insect Edibles: Everything but the head.

Mantis Wings: Crunchy!

Diced Onion: Well, it's grown somewhere, but not here.

Atole: A drink from mexico, coming in two flavors to the wasteland, pear and apple!

Purified Water: Boil some dirty water, and you can get rid of the contamination.

CornMeal: Ground maize, great for making tortillas!

Cornstarch: Useful for many things, for the moment, only Atole.

Bighorner Taco: Ground bighorner is pretty good with a Corn Tortilla.

Insect Taco: Gives a bit more substance to the insects.

Corn Tortilla: *ahem* It's pronounced Tore-tee-ah, ya legion savages.

Insect Mash: Well, you mashed up a bunch of insect parts, happy now?

Fried Insect Medley: Fried up insects!

Fried Deathclaw: It's like a bucket of fried chicken! Wait, they don't have those in the wasteland? huh. Some guy from Vault 111 told me about them.

Radio-protectant: It'll help deal with the zone- I mean wasteland!

The Degreaser: Modded Flamer that runs off Grease cooked out of burgers.

Added Butchering: Insects, Brahmin, and Bighorners will all drop their respective "Bits" which will need to be butchered at a camp fire. Insects don't give much special, but Mantis bits will get you Mantis wings. Brahmin/Bighorners give: Shoulder x2, Liver x1, Tonuge x1 (x2 for Brahmin), And a good bit of meat.