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More XP for more merciful builds.

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This is my first mod! Hooray! Special thanks to Ladez for helping me to make it!
This mod file contains a trait and several perks. All of them multiply your experience as long as you avoid killing people, creatures, and robots.

Life Is Precious:
This is a trait you can select at the beginning of the game. It allows you to gain 5 times more experience as long as you don't kill a single person, creature, or robot. Your followers, however, can kill anything and you will still retain this perk!

Keep The Peace:
This perk will be unlocked at level 4, as long as you have killed less than 6 people and less than 36 creatures. This perk will make you gain twice the experience points as long as you avoid killing. Once you personally kill 6 people or 36 creatures, this perk will be removed. Like every other pacifist perk, follower kills will not count as your own kills!

If you enable both Life Is Precious and Keep the Peace, you will receive a total of 10 times more experience points whenever they are earned!

No Hitter:

You gain 2 times more XP, but only if you avoid fighting altogether. If you attack someone or something, you will lose this perk. Unlocked at level 8.

Unlocked at level 12, this perk will let you gain 5 times more experience, but witnessing combat will rapidly damage your health. Perhaps your character has heart disease, or is liable to go into shock at the sight of violence. If you kill several people, you will lose this perk.

If you have all of the perks above enabled, you will gain a whopping grand total of ONE HUNDRED TIMES MORE XP than usual!

Mojave Monk:
Once you get this perk, every faction that likes you enough (60% fame) will give you a huge sum of money. While you have this perk, every faction that you befriend will give you a huge stack of caps once you reach 60% fame with them. You will also get a friendly thank-you letter from each faction that rewards you. You can find the letters in the notes section of your Pip-Boy. If you kill several people, you will lose this perk. Unlocked at level 20.

It should also be noted that if you have Soft-Hearted or Life Is Precious, you won't be able to get the "Here And Now" perk!


Use and edit freely!