Fallout New Vegas
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Adds moving traffic to the roads

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Updated September 19, 2017
Small changes for compatibility with My drivable vehicles.


Very simply, adds traffic to the roads.

More specific, adds actor (creature) cars that drive along predetermined routes. All were originally static objects but I've added custon skeletons and animations then set them on 'patrol' packages for asthetic/immersion value.

This version is sort of a Beta/preview. More will be added and tweaked/fixed as I go.

Only use one of the two .esps at a time. See Known Issues for more information.

Fallout: New Vegas

Known Issues

This version is sort of a Beta/preview. There's still some issues i'm working on.

Sometimes, at a distance, they tilt in odd ways until you get close. On my machine, the vanilla ants do this as well. If you know a fix for this, please let me know and if it's a problem with the models, I'll add it to the vehicles. If it's a problem with my setup, I'll include directions to fix it with this mod. For now, I've included a no tilt version in which they'll pretty much always stay level even on slopes. It's kind of a tradeoff.

They seem to stop briefly at every marker on their patrol route. I'm still trying a few things to fix this... fingers crossed.

Sometimes, they act stupid and drive off the road then return to their route. I'm still working on tweaking their packages and routes... fingers crossed.


Hengebobs- Panel truck model and Nuka Cola Logo texture.


Do not redistribute this mod or any asset included, in whole, in part, modified, or as is, without direct permission to do so from me.